Since the beginning, the house design and project had to be adapted to the historical and traditional context of Coyoacan, one of the most important and significant cultural sites in Mexico.

We created a modern house that adapts to the context, through the use of elegant and well-defined elements, matching cuttings, great heights, inner patios and high-quality materials. This house combines the tradition and the historical style with innovative elements and techniques.

The design of volumes surrounding patios allowed the house to have big open spaces with natural illumination, which connect by elegant and wide hallways and bridges.
Thanks to all the technologies used in the house like rainwater collectors, purification systems, solar heaters for the showers and hydronic heating and photovoltaic panels to generate energy, we can proudly state that this house is 100% ecological and has a minimum impact on the environment.

Because of the design, the way it adapted to the context, the great spaces created, the re-interpretation of an antique architecture to a contemporary Mexican architecture, the innovation in the technologies used, the lifetime and the way the house will age, we firmly believe that the project is an architectural work that will serve as an example of how houses should be designed and built in the future.

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