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Marfa, Texas
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El Cosmico, a self-described "bohemian nomadic" hotel in Marfa, Texas, encourages guests to "pause from the modern world."

Sited on 21 acres just outside of Marfa, Texas, is where you will find the alluring destination of El Cosmico. Created by hotelier Liz Lambert in collaboration with design firm Lake/Flato and Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure, this desert lodging houses an array of restored vintage trailers, tents, yurts, and tepees.

Night settles in around the wanderers sheltered in El Cosmico's teepees and trailers. As El Cosmico shows, understanding a small space involves understanding the infinitude of the world beyond them.

Here, one of El Cosmico's three teepees is a lantern for desert travelers.

By reducing the bedroom to its essentials and filling it with windows, the El Cosmico staff has made this small space as expansive as the desert beyond.

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A sky-blue vintage trailer blends in with the sky.

An innovative splash of color carries this trailer into compatibility with the pink clouds striating the horizon.

Brightly colored sheets and a central pendant lamp show this tent to its best advantage.

With the residents awake inside, this trailer's burnished glow reflects the sunset.

This stylized vintage trailer is the image of small-scale luxury.

El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas


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