The new “Authentic Interior” design studio designer’s owner Aida Šniraitė creation - monochromatic 50m2 apartment in an emerging neighbourhood in Vilnius, Lithuania is created for a single woman with strong tastes for industrial and urban US design, but with a quite limited budget. Very unusual colour combinations for conservative Lithuanians, as black doors and plinths, original concrete ceilings or black furniture. Inspired by industrial and urban US living, concrete, bricks, metal have been used without moderation. Apartment is divided into a living area of 30m2, a big shower zone of 6m2, a bedroom of 14m2. Proposed mood boards have been accepted and did not change throughout the design process.

When entering the apartment, a raw wood imitation, black sleek lines, white walls and concrete details invite to see further. The space is used for a maximum storage space as the client is woman. Big mirror closet maximises visually the space and reflects daylight. Some smart solutions as iron board hidden in the closet have been made.

The biggest part of the budget was invested into the bespoke furniture (two huge closets, bathroom storage, kitchen and living room furniture) and construction and good quality of materials. However, some furniture as sofa or lighting or bed has been chosen cheap because it is easier to change small furniture than repaint the walls every two years.

There was one modification in plans - the bedroom door has been moved by one meter to incorporate big closet on the left.

Project location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Project year: 2017

Interior designer and “Authentic Interior” design studio owner : Aida Šniraitė

Photographer: Leonas Garbačauskas

Aida Sniraite uploaded Drills&Hollywood through Add A Home.
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