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$3.95M Architectural Marvel in Ventura's Ondulando Estates Hits the Market



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Drawing inspiration from cultures worldwide, this $3.95 million estate has emerged on the market, offering an exquisite blend of architectural sophistication, international aesthetics, and spiritual harmony. Nestled in Ventura's esteemed Ondulando Estates, this opulent residence seamlessly marries the breezy elegance of Californian coastal contemporary design with the rustic charm of a ranch ambiance.

Encompassing a sprawling 4200 square feet, the home comprises four bedrooms and five bathrooms, nestled within a vast 26,000 square foot lot. Rooted in Japanese design principles of Water, Earth, and Life, the estate intertwines these essential elements into its very foundation.

Perched 550 feet above the Pacific Ocean, the property unveils a mesmerizing panorama that seamlessly blends island, mountain, and ocean vistas. Nature's grandeur fosters an air of awe and serenity, offering an enchanting haven far from the clamor of everyday life. At its core, the home epitomizes a commitment to excellence. No expense was spared during its extensive construction, resulting in a fusion of meticulously designed furnishings and materials such as stone, steel, and fire-hardened components.

The fusion of form and function resides at the core of this property's charm. Every material and detail was meticulously selected, not just for its initial magnificence but also for its lasting excellence, resulting in an ageless masterpiece. Upon entering, an ensemble of global inspirations unfurls, ushering inhabitants and visitors through a worldwide journey. The modern Californian coastal style seamlessly blends with the inviting coziness of a ranch ambiance, crafting a lavish and welcoming sanctuary.

In a world that rushes forward, this Ventura dwelling offers a serene escape, where time seems to slow down. It's a haven where breathtaking views, luxurious interiors, and a seamless fusion of elements converge, forming an existence that surpasses the ordinary. For those in search of more than just a dwelling – a refuge for the soul – this $3.95 million estate captures architectural brilliance and serenity in a single stroke, poised to etch an indelible mark on the privileged dweller who calls it home.

The listing is held by Alessandro Corona of Douglas Elliman and Michael Hernandez of Real Investments.