Design apartment located on Mosfilmovskaya street


The architecture of the building, built by Sergey Skuratov, fascinated our customers. They were captured by its strong character, the broken geometry by the twisted spiral of the tower and, as a result, the complex configuration of the rooms. The has developed a design that matches the architecture of the building.

Apartment area of ​​160 square meters looks like a trapezoid. From the part where the sharp corner is, the best views of the city are opened – here we have placed the living room combined with the dining room. To smooth the sharpness of the corner, we put a rounded sofa. The kitchen is separated from the living-dining room with a light glass partition: it does not visually reduce the volume of the room, at the same time it retains its grandeur. Another difficulty is the large depth of the apartment. In the central part, which has no windows, we designed a dressing room and one of the bathrooms.

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