The Croghan's Edge Townhomes are surrounded by a mix of uses that compromise the residential/commercial corridor in Pittsburgh's dense, urban Lawrenceville neighborhood.

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Croghan's Edge Townhomes

Croghan's Edge Townhomes

Croghan's Edge Townhomes

The Croghan’s Edge Townhouse project addressed a difficult infill challenge in Pittsburgh’s dense urban Lawrenceville neighborhood. The challenge was to accommodate four distinct for-sale residences on a small triangular site of only 3,300 square feet in an area that is surrounded by two streets and an alley. Additionally, the developer’s intent and desire was to use factory-built modular components for the upper stories. The solution was to develop a scheme that not only addressed the neighborhood row house scale, but also provided a contemporary interpretation of the neighborhood context. Our design turned the site problems into opportunities for a unique solution.

Embracing this modularity, we chose to articulate these distinct prefabricated “boxes” through the use of contrasting finish materials. The modular buildings were pushed, pulled, and stepped using the typography of the site to our advantage. While maximizing unit areas on the small site, the design solutions provided further individual definition to what could have otherwise been literal nondescript “vanilla boxes”.

The project site is surrounded by a mix of uses that comprise the residential/commercial corridor. The isolation of the triangular island allowed for a more contemporary palette and articulation, while maintaining massing and density appropriate to the adjacent historic working class neighborhood.


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  • House (Multi Residence)
  • Year
  • 2011
  • Lot Size
  • 3300