This 100-year-old craftsman home in Queen Anne was beautiful on its own. The homeowners, a young couple who had recently relocated from California were only the home’s 3rd owners and the house was in great shape. However, the previous residents had quite a different aesthetic from these stylish tech-industry entrepreneurs. Heavy reds, browns, and forest greens dominated the spaces. The couple wanted to bring the home into a more modern and youthful vibe that worked for their lifestyle.

When they called us, they had already started purchasing furniture on their own but realized that they needed help coordinating everything. They wanted to bring in a professional to help finish the job.

This project is a great example of how we can work with many existing elements of a space, but really create a vision for the rooms to tie it all together. We focused on new window treatments, key new furniture pieces, new wall colors, and great accessories to bring the vision to life. We addressed every aspect of each space that we worked on. Sometimes an existing piece moved to a different room, sometimes it stayed, or got re-arranged. We then filled in all the gaps with new items to make it feel like a completed home.

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  • 2016