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Courtyard Villa, Chachoengsao


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2-storey detached house development with 3 bedrooms on upper level and a living space surrounding a greenery, courtyard. The design tackle mainly two issues; privacy, connectivity between interior space and outdoor open space.

Courtyard is located in the middle–right of the plot surrounded by living space connecting to combined dining-pantry area. Structural elements are pushed into interior space hidden in wall, freeing up window area to be one continuous glazing. Fully glazed corner-window seamlessly connects indoor space to outdoor greenery, merging into one large room greeting at the entrance door. On upper floor, windows are placed around the courtyard; optimised usage of this internal garden. As a result, courtyard allows natural light flooding into interior space and natural ventilation can be provided.

While maximising outdoor exposure, privacy is concerned. Neighbour’s solid wall is strategically oriented to face its nearby house. It serves as a separator between houses limiting visibility among neighbour. In addition, the wall creates a clean back drop of neighbour’s courtyard scene which made the courtyard feel more enclosed. Porous wall line is draw in front row with an main door, limiting an outside visibility to interior space made the last side of courtyard

Architectural detail is especially emphasised, twisted from a standard detail. The design is considered in a framework of standard construction to optimised construction budget. Extrude concrete ledge and wall forming a rectangle frame. Steel plate is used for window ledge instead of reinforced-concrete profile, as well as framing a horizontal window. By using standard construction method in more refined details; an architectural appearance is distinct from its surrounding.

Open-plan interior space is yet flexible, but precise. Wall recessed and dimension is pre-designed and custom to fit modular knock-down furniture system for an ease of building up a complete home.