Contemporary Suburban Renovation


An updated kitchen, a more open plan, and a more modern aesthetic were the client requests for this project. Simple but thoughtful changes such as replacing stair hand rails, casings, and color schemes helped modernize the overall interior. A more substantial component of the project included a new clean-lined kitchen. A focal point was the raised dining island and curved ceiling shape to complement but soften the strong angular geometries of the existing house forms. Another key element was redesigning the fireplace space divider between kitchen and living room to preserve the open plan yet provide some visual separation of the spaces. While primarily an interiors project, the opening of the plan with the removal of one wall achieved another design goal which was actually related to the outdoors. This goal was to maximize the amazing exterior swimming pool and golf course views to the rear of the house, especially as viewed now from the entry.

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Posted By
  • Brad Ewing
  • Crapsey & Gilles Contractors, Inc.
  • Ryan Kurtz


  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2015