Since the property was located in an Eichler homes neighborhood, the designers decided to study the principles of the Eichler design and determine which to be follow and from which to depart.

Principles followed:
• Exterior front elevation that was not too revealing of the indoors.

• Shallow pitched roof lines.

• Designing the house around a patio. Large windows and glass doors open to the patio, to allow indoor/outdoor activities and indistinguishable lines between them.

• Open interior floor plan.

Principle departed from:
• Eichler homes were designed as " open boxes” without considering the property lines as a factor in the design.

The property has a very irregular shape and ignoring that meant wasted, broken side and back yard pieces around the house.
By designing the house parallel to the property lines, designers managed to integrate the areas around the house into one large, continuous yard and got as a result some angular and curvy building forms and a compound layout of the house.

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Front elevation does not reveal much of the rest of the house. It does show the shallow pitched roof lines. Both characteristic of an Eichler.

Open floor plan, house around a patio, large windows and glass doors and a sense of outdoors in the indoor (Eichler principle).

Complete flow between indoor and outdoor (Eichler principle).

A view of the connection between outdoor and indoor from exterior patio (Eichler principle).

Side and back continuous large yard (not a typical Eichler).

Bridging the living and bedroom areas of the home.

A see-through view from back of the house to the dining room.

Front facade.

Aerial image reveals attachment of building lines to property lines and the large yard generated as a result.

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