Contemporary Cool Sausalito Bachelor Pad

Minimalistic design meets warmth and sophistication in this contemporary cool bachelor pad, designed by San Francisco-based interior designer Tineke Triggs. The 4,000 sf residence is home to a Bay Area entrepreneur who loves adventure travel, luxury cars and Indy 500 racing - and not necessarily in that order. Favoring quality over quantity, Triggs and her team at Artistic Designs for Living designed a luxurious and sleek interior steeped in high style and masculine energy. Triggs walks us through her design process and the story on how each room came to life.

Says Triggs, "The home had absolutely wonderful views, but an unconventional layout. It challenged us to be creative as we wanted to design an intimate environment that also maximized those views. For example, the great room was large and open and we wanted to make sure the room felt welcoming and cozy, not cavernous or cold. The room also had 2 focal points--the exterior view and the fireplace--so it was important to design for both vantages while maintaining a minimalistic design aesthetic."

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"The first piece we designed for the great room was the custom sofa. It has a unique shape with a 45-degree angle that allows views in multiple directions. We then continued with different accent pieces like the vintage chairs from Alex Fradin and the gorgeous Vladimir Kagan wing back chair. I chose both because they reminded me of the type of angular seating you'd see in a high end sports car. Our client loves to race cars and the wing back is his favorite piece in the room. For the artwork above the fireplace, I was looking for something clean that would bring your eyes up. When I found these striking black and white works by Justyn Chapman, I knew they'd be perfect."

The Ondine wing back chair by Vladimir Kagan is the homeowners favorite piece in this room. The sleek lines are reminiscent of the race cars he loves to drive. A Luca drink table by Currey & Co sits beside it. Kelly Wearstler's stunning Dillion Cabinet sits just behind it.

Triggs designed a custom sectional with a 45-degree angle to take in multiple views in this living room. An angular Drip Fold table by Noble Goods sits to the side. Hand-dripped with liquid resin, no two are exactly alike.

Triggs continues, "For the dining room we focused on linear, distinct angles that complimented each other. We wanted a mix of sleek lines and smooth shapes reminiscent of the race cars our client loved. We started with the buffet console from the Hewn showroom's Erinn V. Collection. I love this piece. Its three dimensional, angular and so incredibly elegant. Everything else was chosen to compliment the buffet."

"The Welles chandelier is another striking piece in the room. It had just been introduced in glass when I was working on this project, which was perfect as we didn't want a heavy piece that could block the views. It was also important for the fixture to be linear, not vertical, as this space is opposite a vertically hung waterfall chandelier in the entry."

A vintage chandelier hangs over an Eero Saarinen round table and a set of Strike chairs by Arrmet Studio.

"The shape of the entryway was a challenge - it had no depth so we had to design a narrow piece that would fit the space but also hold your interest. I designed this console using walnut and brass accents and paired it with geometric scones by Lucive. Because the chandelier in the space is light and airy, I wanted these sconces to be more architectural and sculptural. The brass accents on the inside of the sconces provide another element of interest. "

"For the master bedroom we wanted to create a mood that was both romantic and masculine. We continued the palette of soft blues, grays and creams to create this balanced aesthetic. The ceilings were 10 feet tall with long and narrow windows, so we needed the bed to have a tall headboard to anchor the space and feel in harmony with the windows. We chose the Vibia slim pendants for the bedside lighting as they reminded me of ones you'd find in a luxurious, high end hotel end and I wanted that vibe for my client's bedroom. The pendants are masculine and refined. They're very cool but not at all overbearing."

"For the walls in the master bath, I chose a textural Phillip Jeffries wall covering from De Sousa Hughes as I wanted to soften the room and make it feel less cold. I love how the textured element warms up the space."

"Then came the library--what a fun room to design! We wanted this space to have a bit of the unexpected while still maintaining the feel of a formal library--a place you might end the day with an after dinner drink. When we found the amazing "Bruce" wallpaper by Abnormals Anonymous, we could not resist. I think we can all agree that a stripped down whale is a bit unexpected! Its such a fun design element and I loved the idea of bringing an ocean reference into the room. The space also includes a TV which we hid behind a door panel. I added brass side brackets to the built-ins draw your interest to the shelving and further the focus on the fabulous Bruce wallpaper. I always like to add a little jewelry to my cabinetry, and this was an fun way to do it."

"The result is a sleek and inviting home that works in harmony the existing architecture and surroundings. It truly reflects the homeowner's individual lifestyle and was such a fun project for us all. " --Tineke Triggs, Artistic Designs For Living


Interior Design by Tineke Triggs, Artistic Designs for Living | @tineketriggs

Photography by José Manuel Alorda | @josemanuelalorda

Via Davis Gonthier | @davisgonthier

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