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The former kitchen was your typically 90’s outdated kitchen with golden oak cabinets, golden oak trim, laminate countertop, over-mount double basin sink, and laminate flooring.

We had a few goals in mind behind this project.

Number one goal was to think outside the box and do a little something different. When working with clients, they are always wanting to do something a little daring, yet always end up playing it safe. We wanted to create a space with the finishing selections that all of our clients are wanting to do, but don’t. Dark cabinets, quartz countertops, oversized appliances, statement backsplashes, light flooring, gold hardware, floating shelves, etc.

Our next goal was to involve and educate our readers. We wanted to create this space with them. Have them help pick out all selections and give tutorials behind every step of the process along the way for them. Our readers ultimately picked out every selection as we did polls for everything throughout every step. We asked them for their opinions, ideas, and votes. We created tutorials from permit processes, how to tile a backsplash, how to lay flooring, how to scrape popcorn and do knockdown textured ceilings, to sharing every single price of what we paid for labor and materials so our readers know exactly what a kitchen remodel costs of this size with the selections that we chose. We also wanted to educate our readers for why we were choosing what, like our appliances. We knew we wanted to put induction and convection cooktops into our home. So behind every selection we had a full post from pricing to specs, to the value and quality of selection and brand behind each.

And the final goal was to make a collaboration out of it. Not only did we collaborate with our readers but also brands. We worked with as many local brands as we could and brands that we use and love for our clients projects. We worked with these brands to share their latest designs and collections, to showing the entire process behind working with brands to how to use their products and the install processes.

We love to entertain and wanted a space that friends and family could gather.

Since we love to entertain, a large island and a huge dining room table was a must. Previous to the renovation, the home had 3 living rooms, two of which were right off the kitchen, however, one had an outdated golden oak railing that separated the kitchen from living room. So, we decided to convert one of the living rooms into the dining room to be able to fit a large table to gather at. And in the other one, we removed the railing so that the kitchen flowed into it the living room, creating more open concept feel.

There was also a doorway into the former dining room that we closed off to be able to create a statement backsplash wall on. There was also a peek-a-boo opening in the kitchen to the former living room (which we turned into the dining room) was closed off to create more of a closed and intimate dining room setting. We love a wide open concept and contemplated taking the entire wall down, however, we’re also seeing this shift of making rooms actual rooms again and putting walls up. So we wanted to do a little of both. Close off a few walls and take down the railing, to have a couple of the rooms flow together.

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Modern home with Dining Room and Light Hardwood Floor. Before Living Room turned Dining Room  Photo  of construction2style Home

Before Living Room turned Dining Room

Modern home with Kitchen, Vinyl Floor, Refrigerator, Wood Cabinet, Range, Ceiling Lighting, Laminate Counter, Granite Counter, Drop In Sink, and Microwave. Before Kitchen Photo 2 of construction2style Home

Before Kitchen

Modern home with Kitchen, Light Hardwood Floor, Refrigerator, Undermount Sink, Range, Engineered Quartz Counter, Pendant Lighting, Wood Cabinet, Wall Lighting, Range Hood, Recessed Lighting, Ceramic Tile Backsplashe, and Open Cabinet. After Kitchen with Family Photo 3 of construction2style Home

After Kitchen with Family

Modern home with Dining Room and Light Hardwood Floor. After Dinning Room + Kitchen - Hardwood Flooring Photo 4 of construction2style Home

After Dinning Room + Kitchen - Hardwood Flooring

Modern home with Kitchen, Pendant Lighting, Refrigerator, Range, Wood Cabinet, Engineered Quartz Counter, Accent Lighting, Undermount Sink, Light Hardwood Floor, and Ceramic Tile Backsplashe. After Kitchen Photo 5 of construction2style Home

After Kitchen

Modern home with Kitchen, Engineered Quartz Counter, Ceramic Tile Backsplashe, Wall Lighting, and Mosaic Tile Backsplashe. Floating Shelves + Statement Backsplash  Photo 6 of construction2style Home

Floating Shelves + Statement Backsplash

Modern home with Kitchen, Range, Mosaic Tile Backsplashe, and Ceramic Tile Backsplashe. Elkay Pot-filler + Statement Backsplash Photo 7 of construction2style Home

Elkay Pot-filler + Statement Backsplash

Modern home with Kitchen, Wall Lighting, Wood Cabinet, Ceramic Tile Backsplashe, Engineered Quartz Counter, Mosaic Tile Backsplashe, Range, and Pendant Lighting. After Kitchen - White Oak Hood  Photo 8 of construction2style Home

After Kitchen - White Oak Hood

Modern home with Dining Room, Bench, Wall Lighting, Light Hardwood Floor, and Table. After Dining Room  Photo 9 of construction2style Home

After Dining Room


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