Stunning Proto Northvale Residence in a family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhood.

We have completely re-imagined how homes are designed and built. Founded on progress and innovation, we take the housing from the dark ages into the light. A Proto Home is a smart, green living space which is 100% updateable with all of your utilities and the latest technology at your fingertips. This home is all about the natural light filled open space rather than collection of rooms. All of the exterior cladding is 100% replaceable with minimum effort and gives you an opportunity to change the look of your house. “Real Cool Roof” reflects the heat on the hot summer days and is ideal for installing Solar Panels down the road to make the home even more energy efficient. Balloon framing offers extra rigidity and longevity. The house is meant to be maintenance free and last a long time as a platform for innovation. In Proto all the infrastructural systems are in one place and easily accessible (Proto Core). You can replace every fixture and every pipe, wire and duct and all related hardware in the core without touching the architecture. No more crawling in the attic to work on your lighting and no more digging up the back garden to get to your plumbing.

Proto Homes uploaded Cheviot Hills through Add A Home.
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