If we were to describe in one sentence the character of the house FS55, we could summarize that "it is a house with a modern spirit".

Although the original house dates from the years that modernism was at its peak, the original structure was far from possessing some characteristics of the architecture of the time, however there was a domain of solid and heavy walls, few openings with little or no integration of the outside.

The intervention takes the premise of modernism renewing the character of the house and integrating more functionality concepts as new taditional materials that complement the existing.

The result is a renovated house, full of light and flooded with natural ventilaton wich takes the stetic of modern movement with simple and pure lines without leaving behind the stetic of the regional architecture, integrating tradicional materials seen from a new stetic, shining and colorful cement floors contrast with neutral walls that are the perfect canvas for art and fourniture.

Outside, the existing walls exhibit their raw material contrasting the naturality of the Stone with the industrial character of concrete.

The back annex arises as simple as adding a cover that sits on the lateral walls and defines a space that complements defining its limits with crystal walls wich resguard the interior space and allows the integration of the exterior.

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  • Taller Estilo Arquitectura Arq. Víctor Alejandro Cruz Domínguez Arq. Iván Atahualpa Hernández Salazar Arq. Luís Armando Estrada Aguilar
  • Alberto Cáceres Centeno
  • House (Single Residence)
  • Style
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2013
  • Square Feet
  • 1442.36
  • Lot Size
  • 2572.57