Detached dwelling project "Casa Forment". Valencia. Developed by Mano de Santo architecture team.

Location: Chiva, Valencia (Spain)
Project year: 2016

Building Surveyor: Eduardo Ferrer Doménech ( )

Photograph: Diego Opazo (

The projected building is the result of a double intervention in the existing building, expanding the room with the addition of a large porch to south and an inner, facades and roofrenovation.The solution adopted takes into account on the one hand customer requirements, both functional and aesthetic needs, as the construction features of the existing building and its location.

The volume, buildable area, urban parameters defined by the particular planning regulations for this area, with the premise of the architects to achieve a right integration and use up to the conditions of the plot and its orientation, resulting in a simple building, of pure volumes with a very careful treatment of the facades design according to their orientation and views, with a renewed composition carpentry, shutters design treatment and the choice of materials.

The solution of the dwelling is basically in two floors, ground floor and first floor. On the ground floor, where the main entry is located, the living-dining room piece is laid up (facing the yard),kitchen is practically the existing one but with a different relation with the other pieces, a laundry room, a bathroom, a small cellar, a small second living room and a bedroom attached; there is also a connecting space which starts the section that leads to the upper floor. The first floor is solved with a small connecting space that gives access to three double bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a main bedroom with bathroom and dressing area. Thereis no basementfloor.

Roofs are designed as inverted gravelroof, removing the existing pitchedtileroof.

The volumetry of the building is clear and simple, they emphazise the vertical latticework that decompose the volume and breath life into the image. These latticeworks solve the greatest dimension glass walls solar shading. This new built volume is designed in smooth finished gray exposed concrete, and the rest of the existing facades are cladded with a double isolated wall of continuous finished Aquapannel boards.

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Modern home with Outdoor, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, Large Patio, Porch, Deck, Large Pools, Tubs, Shower, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, Back Yard, Trees, and Raised Planters. Outdoor pool deck Photo  of Casa FormentView Photos

Outdoor pool deck

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Casa forment at night

Modern home with Outdoor, Large Pools, Tubs, Shower, Trees, Slope, Side Yard, Garden, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, Decking Patio, Porch, Deck, Landscape Lighting, Hanging Lighting, and Post Lighting. Backyard elevation Photo 3 of Casa FormentView Photos

Backyard elevation

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Front Elevation

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