"Casa de Viento", means ¨House Of Wind¨ in Spanish. The place is located in the mountains of Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica.

The work consisted in remodeling, applying the most modern concepts of interior architecture and interior design to make structural changes, expand the spaces and make comfortable areas for its users, a young couple with children, who enjoy this site for maximum relaxation.

"My work began with creating harmony, making a replacement of the original floors, adding the wooden textures. In addition, the fireplace was moved since the original place was blocking the wonderful view. It was taken taken into account that the owners are a very social family. They originally liked the idea of building a small deck, but we thought it was not functional. It was better to build a big terrace, an outside space connected to the inside to use it as a social space and enjoy the natural views. The place is a cabin, used every weekend by a family who loves to read, have fire pits, drink wine, listen to music. They bought it because they did not want their children to be in the city all the time connected to their ipads, they wanted to experience a more rural, more country life.¨

All of this was considered to create a rustic atmosphere, cozy and contemporary at the same time. Due to this there is a mix of elements in two trends as there is a lot of wood, fireplaces but at the same time the staircase railing is made out of glass, the kitchen is all clean white, and the lamps are modern and oversized.

Many of the chosen elements were manufactured locally, for example: the bars, the game room tables, the screens and the living room lamps.

In this type of work the emotional part is fundamental, ¨Design should be about the experience every person will have in every room, the emotions generated by these new environments."

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