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Casa Arturo

House (Single Residence)


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Casa Arturo is located in the typical district of San Ángel, in Mexico City, with a much defined context in which life is created towards the interior.

The house responds to the reinterpretation of the way of living of the owners, giving for an answer the differentiation in the parts of the program, these are conceived like loose volumes open towards the garden.
The separation of volumes is emphasized with the drastic change between light and shade, obtained with double height openings giving constant movement to the inner space.

The projections of the edges of these volumes become structural lines that extend through the garden obtaining a gradual transition between the interior and exterior.
This transitory space responds to the needs of the program, looking for a covered exterior space where most of the activities could take place.

The change of materials and its perception emphasizes this idea, the use of brick in the exterior contrasts with the flattened fine of the interior walls.

The materials respond to the context and the exterior view of the house practically disappears because of the vegetation.

The garden becomes the essential part, creating a life to the interior, at some points exterior life filters into the house through the grooves.