Burlington Residence

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • Type
  • Modern
  • Year
  • 2015
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    This renovation to a mid-century home needed some careful attention to really infuse the 'Modern' to the Mid-Century bungalow. Because it certainly didn't start that way and the search wasn't clear. From the onset the bulk of the extended design period was centered around a 2nd story addition over a new two car garage. Late in the design process the architects 'flipped' the kitchen to it's natural resting place and that single move precipitated the bungalow remaining a bungalow.

    The renovation and addition have been seamlessly stitched together.

    The exterior view from the street.

    The existing stone was a central material in the project's material palette. It disciplined all subsequent material selections.

    Here is the house prior to the renovation.

    Most of the design work throughout the prolonged design phase was centered around the development of second suite above a new 2 car garage.
    Here, 2 alternate roof options were examined.

    The angle of the original house had no bearing to either street on the corner, the addition (perpendicular/parallel to the streets on the corner) introduces a contextual geometry to the scheme.

    The transparency of the exterior reveals the flow of spaces on the interior.

    Landscape grading was employed to ensure there was no need for guards.

    The existing stone was re-pointed and refurbished because as the architect said, "they just don't make it like this anymore".

    This project seemed to inject the "Mid Century Modern" into what was a "Mid Century Bungalow" ... and which "Mid Century Modern" doesn't have the token Eames Chairs?

    The Pool Side Elevation has windows which also reveal interior spacial conditions.

    The material palette on the pool side elevation is lighter than the road side.

    The architect credited the 'kitchen flip' as the reason the bungalow remained a bungalow. All of the 2nd floor addition work ended when the kitchen moved to 'opposite the entry'. Prior to that, the kitchen was 'beside the entry' (where the Dining area is).

    Natural Light was a primary design concern and spatial programing attempts to animate the spaces with as much natural light as possible.

    The kitchen which is central to family life, commands the area opposite the entry.

    With enough lower cabinet storage, upper cabinets were eliminated, in order to keep the space as open as possible.

    "Ganging" all of the 'vertical' elements (refrigerator, pull-out pantries, etc) into a recessed niche minimizes spacial intrusions.

    The existing sunken living room was refurbished and has state of the art electronics seamlessly stitched into custom millwork.

    The reason the 'kitchen flip' worked in the architects mind is evidenced in this photo. The sunken living room has a visual connection with the kitchen.

    The master bedroom has a corner window.

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