This amazing house was one of the longest projects I worked on, but this is in no way an issue. On the contrary – it is one of its many positives.
The investors came to me as soon as the works begun so we were able to agree on such elements like colours of the elevation or where roof windows should be situated. Having an optimum amount of time to design the interior of the house we met way in advance and I learned about their amazing interests, what they do in their free time and where they like to travel to.

We knew that the house will be classic, stylish and elegant because this is how the architectural project portrayed it. And this is how the investors wanted it to be. I wanted to draw inspiration from the now fashionable but then not very popular Hampton’s Style. Its name comes from a small region of the USA, situated on Long Island in New York. Great politicians, renowned actors and rich New Yorkers have their beautiful, luxurious summer homes there. Additionally, as is now typical for my style, I contrasted this style with dark elements, often purely black details, to go away from the ocean’s atmosphere towards the Baltic North.

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