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Autor Rooms

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For reasons which we don’t need to dwell on here, Warsaw has some distance to cover before it matches certain other European capitals as a destination. But things are going in the right direction, and the potential is limitless. And it’s never a bad sign when a city’s boutique hotels look like Autor Rooms. Small but mighty at just four rooms, this converted townhouse — a collective effort by some of the city’s most relentlessly inventive designers, architects, and general-purpose creative types — clearly demonstrates the wisdom of investing in hometown pride.

As the name might suggest, they take as much pride in their interiors as a novelist might in a manuscript, weaving unique features like bay window nooks and private balconies into a unified statement in clean minimalism. Eccentric lighting fixtures and curvilinear furniture lend a mod-futuristic vibe to the building’s original stucco, parquet flooring, and transom windows. Framed local artwork grounds the experience in this city in particular, but they’re by no means humorless; vintage radios and sleek in-room shower cubicles make sure of that, the former Bluetooth-equipped and the latter featuring Tołpa products.

The common space holds it all together, supplementing a living/dining room with a spacious terrace and full kitchen. Take breakfast — homemade pastries, eggs, and excellent coffee — here to the accompaniment of a Poland-centric vinyl collection, blueprinting your day with helpful suggestions from the folks who know Warsaw best. Tour a gallery, stroll the Vistula, snag a couple paperbacks, and before you know it, you’re a Warsaw regular already.

Text Courtesy of Tablet Hotels