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Aquinnah House



From Charles Rose Architects

A house in three parts for clients who wanted to engage with nature whenever they moved from the master bedroom to main house (including kitchen, dining room, living room) to guest quarters. Framed passageways separate the volumes. These openings, a defining feature of our design, are doors to the exquisite expanse of land and water beyond. Floor elevations shift with the land contours, and carefully placed windows create dynamic connections to the site. A roof platform offers sweeping views of Aquinnah Light, Woods Hole, and the Sound.

“If you stay at Fan and Don’s cottage, you’ll get a complete lesson in barefoot living. No matter where you begin in the morning, you learn that you can never really live in the cabins without also living out of them. It’s what comes of making a house in three parts, a lesson in barefoot geometry that you won’t soon forget.

Perhaps you wake up in one of two bedrooms in the cabin to the west. You see a slice of water just as you rise, and soon you’re out the screen door. With a spring in your step, you touch down on a granite stone, turn and see the ocean again, this time in the gap between the buildings, and then you walk across the grass and under a ship-like metal bridge to another stepping-stone and into the sun-filled center cabin.”

Marc Vassallo, The Barefoot Home, The Taunton Press, Inc.