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Another Place, The Lake


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Another Place, The Lake

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The Lake District, for all its many charms, is rarely at the forefront of any new travel and hospitality trends. But it’s apparent just from the name that Another Place, The Lake is aiming for something a bit different. It’s a massive renovation of an existing hotel, set right on the shores of Ullswater, but beyond that it’s as different as can be from the rest of Cumbria’s hotels: this is a wellness-focused, activity-oriented, dare we say youthful hotel, the likes of which the Lake District has not yet seen.

Witness the modern addition that contains the indoor pool, with its skylights and double-height wraparound windows, a space that’s equally absorbing at the height of summer and in the dramatic rainy season. Meanwhile the original house’s Georgian silhouette remains intact, but its interiors have been updated in a crisp contemporary style — and the rooms in the contemporary wing are a touch more modern still.

There’s nothing missing in terms of traditional comfort, while the service and atmosphere are as forward-looking as the design. Activities range from sedate nature walks and sailing excursions to new-fangled sports like kayaking and stand-up paddling. And the cuisine, a modern and cosmopolitan interpretation of the region’s classic dishes and ingredients, would be all but unrecognizable to the Lake District chefs of previous generations — your opinion of Another Place is likely to track quite well with whether that sounds like criticism or praise.

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