At the larger scale of the property exists a desire to soften and deepen the engagement between the house and the street frontage. As such, the landscaping palette consists of textures chosen for subtlety and granularity. Spaces are layered by way of planting, diaphanous fencing and lighting. The interior engages the front of the house by insertion of a floor-to-ceiling glazing at the dining room. Jog-in path to house from street maintains a sense of privacy and sequential unveiling of interior/private space. This non-atrium model has been invested with the best aspects of the iconic Eichler configuration without compromise to the sense of order and orientation.

The primary organizational element of the interior is the kitchen. Embedded within the simple post and beam structure, the kitchen has been conceived as a programmatic block from which we would carve in order to fulfill both function and organization requirements. The fin wall adjacent to entry has been detailed to have the siding slip past the glass, while the living, kitchen and dining room are all connected by a walnut veneer feature wall running the length of the house. This wall echoes the lush surroundings of Lucas valley as well as the original mahogany plywood panels used within Eichlers.

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