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AKAS is a residential project in Aumphur Pakchong, Nakornratchasrima. The project was initiated by the idea of natural scenery appreciation toward Khao Yai National Park, the main scenery of the project, changes seasonally throughout the year; breezy clear blue sky in winter, yellow and brown plantation in summer ,and dramatic mist covering the mountain in monsoon. Transforming the natural inspiration to architectural design concept, to capture ‘AKAS’(air), an intangible element represented by the magnificent view of Khao Yai National Park, by creating proportional opening to overwhelm the human scale in comparison to the scenery.

Architectural appearance is presented in a series of extruded frame, with a view as a front elevation completing its enclosure. Daily living area is elevated on the second floor of the house to be able to capture the magnificent view of the national park together with a large scale of veranda for the whole family to enjoy outdoor activities together. The veranda sits on a row of three bedrooms, recessed from living level, allows unblocked view from indoor living area toward outdoor activities and the panoramic view. Bedrooms are attached to the ground, connected to a private garden overlooking the same view.

The scenery is perceived not only from the living space but in every niches and corners. The view is presented from the moment ones enter the house through a car parking block, sneaking through a porous entrance door. Again along courtyard, with a view of the natural park in a vista toward a residence’s entrance. The main entrance sits humbly under the shade of the living room above. Thus these series of spatial organisation with the view as a key element compile into a unique sense of place presented in the project.

Design elements are implied to create seamless continuity from inside to outside. Architectural forms are kept to the simplest in a rectangular form. Series of block stacked up while sitting humbly on a lush landscape. Large, fully-open window maximise an exposure to the scenery and enhances a connectivity of indoor and outdoor surrounding. Tapered wall end and steel trimming add sharpness to all openings presenting a picture of Khao Yai in a sleek architectural picture frames.

AKAS project does not only concern about the natural scenery, maximise viewing area and functional organisation for the residents to be able to live closest to the nature within the comfortable living space, but also create co-existence of architecture and mesmerising natural surroundings.