A Simple DIY Project to Transform Your Old Roller Shades


Roller shades are attractive window treatments available in a wide range of colours and designs. If you’re thinking of replacing your old roller shades but lack the budget, you can give them a fascinating makeover. In this blog post, we’ll give you a simple and easy DIY idea to make your old roller shades appear brand new.

How to Restyle Old Roller Shades

If you own plain white or a light-coloured vinyl roller shades, you can change their look by using wallpaper and some simple embellishments. Choose a wallpaper with floral prints, stripes, geometric patterns, trellises, or unique textures. For embellishments, you can select pom-poms, rick-racks, bullion fringe, grosgrain ribbons or any type of light-weight upholstery trims.

Here are the steps to decorate your existing roller shade.

1. Roll down the shade completely to cover the window and measure its length. Leave at least six inches at the bottom and cut the wallpaper length accordingly.

2. Remove the roller shade from the window and lay it down on a large table with enough space. If you don’t have a large table, create a space on the floor. Prepare the workstation by placing a lot of newspapers and dust sheets on the floor to protect it. Use adhesive tapes to keep the shade in place while you work on it.

3. Now place the wallpaper cut out on the shade and set it before applying glue. Mask both ends of the shade with tape to protect it from glue.

4. Apply glue and attach the wallpaper on the shade. Make sure that you use the proper glue that is fit for the material of your shade and wallpaper. Use a squeegee on both sides of the shade to get rid of air bubbles.

5. Remove the tape from both ends.

6. Lay the decorative upholstery trim of your choice on the shade and cut to size, leaving an extra one inch on both sides.

7. Apply fabric glue on the backside of the trim and place it along the bottom edge of the shade at your desired height. The ideal height is where the wallpaper ends.

8. Once you find the placement satisfactory, attach the trim on the shade properly by pressing it firmly.

9. Fold the excess trim selvage on the backside of the shade and attach it with glue.

10. Add another layer of trim above this line in the same way, if you wish. You can add multiple layers according to what you want. Choose different contrasting colours for a more customized look. Just make sure that the colours complement the wallpaper and the trim styles don’t differ from each other. For example, if you’re using rick-racks, get them in two or more colours but don’t use a rick-rack and grosgrain ribbon together. You can use rick-racks along the bottom edge and add pom-poms or bullion fringes at the edges of the shade.

11. Lastly, once you’ve completed decorating, put back the shade hardware with the roller shade to the window frame.

Hang up your newly done roller shade and roll it down to see the dramatic transformation! For more inspirations, check out some DIY projects on Pinterest.

However, if you aren’t a motivated DIYer, choose affordable roller shades to spruce up your windows. Shop for high-quality roller shades in Mississauga or the GTA from trusted local retailers that offer you the best prices.

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