5 Things You Must Remember While Exploring Costa Rica’s Rainforests


Besides being a tourist hotspot for Americans and Canadians, Costa Rica is also the perfect place to invest in a vacation villa you’ll like to call your second home. And, this is the reason why many young and adventure-seeking Americans are now investing in the real estate market in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, from where you can take a tour of the deep dark jungles with your family or friends. You will love hiking the dense forest trails and wonder at the way the sun’s rays penetrate the towering trees in the foggy ambiance of a cloud forest. From watching wildlife to taking canopy tours from the jungle’s hanging bridges, there are numerous ways to appreciate the beauty of the mysterious rainforests of this Central American country. But when you are in the jungles for the very first time, thrill, joy, and excitement may overcome your senses. While exploring the dense vegetation, you may hear a howler monkey or the calling of Toucans, or spot a flying leaf frog. However, you should keep in mind a few things while exploring the rainforests. To make your job easy, we recommend these five tips to enjoy the beauty of the rainforests in and around the La Fortuna region:

1. Take an Experienced Guide Along

You will find several guided jungle tours in the La Fortuna and Monteverde regions. Taking a local and experienced professional along is always a safer option than exploring the forests alone. A jungle tour just with your family will not be a satisfying experience because you may miss out the excitement of spotting wildlife. Let’s take the example of the Santa Elena Cloud Preserve, for instance. In this community-managed reserve, the bromeliad plants collect rainwater that attracts spiders and tiny frogs. If you do not have a local guide on the hanging bridges near La Fortuna, you may never spot a viper swathed around one of the tree branches looking for its prey. Most of the guides of Costa Rica are experienced biologists and naturalists with sound knowledge of the local flora and fauna. They are knowledgeable enough to tell you about the mysteries of the forest. Hiking alone is faster, but it is hardly as much fun as taking the trip with a trip under the supervision of a guide.

2. Pack the Right Adventure Gear

Carry the right adventure gear such as safe drinking water, insect repellents, a pair of hiking boots, thick socks, sunscreen lotion, candy, and some comfortable clothes. Make sure you wear light greens, brown, or beige, and avoid the dark colored clothes. Avoid wearing jeans as they are awful in the hot and humid climate of La Fortuna. You must apply insect repellent before you dress up and remember to use it over your clothes as well. Pack some ointment or oil so that you can use it once you are inside the forest. Avoid spraying anything because it may annoy other hikers and frighten the forest creatures.

3. Prepare for the Wetter Season

When you are touring the rainforests in and around the La Fortuna or Arenal region, be prepared for the rains. That’s because Costa Rica is known to have a damp, wet climate with a dramatic peak in the precipitation levels during the rainy season. However, you will love to explore the country during the monsoon when the forests turn mystical and greet your eyes with lush greenery all around. If you are visiting La Fortuna during the rains, carry a raincoat, windbreaker, or rain jacket. And make sure that you use tennis boots and not ordinary sandals while you are meandering through the jungle. Though mosquitoes are not much of a concern here, we recommend that you wear long pants, especially when you are deep in the forests. Walk carefully as you will come across slippery and muddy trails in the jungle.

4. Obey the Jungle Rules

The forests have their own set of rules, and you should respect them. Do not smoke, spray, litter things, or shout in the jungle. You should not use flash when clicking pictures, pick flowers, break leaves, or pluck fruits from the trees. Everything that you see in the rainforests of Costa Rica has a purpose to serve. So do not disturb the balance.

Avoid using any perfume or any strong conditioner before entering the forests. It will only attract bugs and insects that pollinate fragrant blossoms. Bees and wasps can give you a hard time. So please be careful.

5. Look Around, Listen, and Appreciate the Forests

If you want to explore the beauty of the rainforests, it will take some time. If you are expecting to see only animals, you need to be patient. Remember that you are not in a zoo where you get to see the caged animals whenever you want to. Of course, you will spot white-headed capuchins, ocelots, pumas, jaguars, snakes, and birds. But you need to listen to your guide and follow his or her instructions as to which forest path to take to see wildlife. Exploring the jungles of Costa Rica is not only about watching wildlife or birding, but also about appreciating the environment, learning about the local flora and fauna, and discovering what lies beneath the serene forest landscape. Listen carefully to the sounds of the jungle, lower your voice, and wait. You will see the forest creatures. Make sure that you have a pair of binoculars with you to spot a reptile on a distant treetop or through the thick foliage, which is not visible easily without binoculars. Do not rush along a forest trail. Take a leisurely stroll instead and appreciate the scenery around. You never know when you may catch a glimpse of a monkey hanging from one of the tree branches. And this is possible only when you slow down a bit.

There are many reasons to buy real estate in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Exploring nature in its raw, rustic beauty is one of them. You cannot cover every tourist spot if you are visiting the country for only a few days. Once you are in the beautiful town of La Fortuna, plan a guided jungle tour with your loved ones. There are too many things to learn and understand from the lush green forests. So take a relaxed vacation and unwind in this tropical paradise.

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