As large parts of inhabited cities become saturated, transformations and renovations of existing buildings become the unavoidable and necessary horizon of upcoming urban developments.

The purpose of “Casa PEX” is to adapt the existing space to reflect the updated needs of the owner. These new requirements break with the previous layout and outdated ideas of housing, where segregated spaces for specific uses, low quality light and a lack of comfort were the norm.

The location of the full apartment renovation, “Casa PEX” is in the Puerta del Angel district, a neighborhood beyond the M-30 highway, yet closer to Madrid city centre than many Centro districts and also features authentic characteristics of the Manzanares surrounding areas. Therefore, the project faces the future in terms of an established city’s real estate.

There are a number of key elements shaping this design, such as combining the perception of continuous space using microcement on the floor, a warm interior with customized furniture that compliment the surroundings and doors embedded in cozy niches allowing the space to flow between rooms.

All of these create a contemporary and vibrant living space in a city that has not always been so benevolent to its citizens.

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