Dwell On This: Take Off Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Dwell On This: Take Off Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Welcome to the wonderful world of open shelving.
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At a Glance


  • Some basic tools will do the trick.


  • No need to purchase anything!


  • Removing cabinet doors doesn't take a lot of time, but you might need to spend a few hours organizing everything inside.

Every kitchen has a dirty secret or two, and more likely than not, you’ve been hiding them behind a cabinet door. The mismatched, chipped, and the hopelessly stained. Appliances used once or twice, then exiled, soon to be forgotten. The highest kitchen cabinets are the worst offenders, since we tend to store our least used items out of sight and out of mind. If you want to play an archeologist for the day, venture into the recesses of your highest cabinets, and get ready to be surprised.

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