Dwell On This: Ditch Your Extraneous Kitchen Gadgets

Dwell On This: Ditch Your Extraneous Kitchen Gadgets

Be honest—are you really using that herb infuser?
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  • You'll be decluttering in no time.


  • If this costs you money, you're doing it wrong.


  • You can clean out the kitchen in an afternoon.

Real talk: your kitchen is a hot mess. That juicer you purchased five years ago during your short-lived cleansing diet that’s been sitting on top of your fridge for the last two years? You’re likely never going to use it again. Same for that sous vide contraption purchased with hopes of awakening your inner molecular gastronomist, but now only occupies the deepest, darkest recesses of your kitchen cupboard. We won’t even get started on that mug collection that seems to multiply like rabbits left unattended.

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