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The Active House sits on a sloping plot on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark, with views to the south over the sea.

Test-Case Scenario

Beating out a host of competitors, one Danish family left their home behind (it’s just down the road, really) to camp out for a year in an Active House, a green-home prototype with all the bells and whistles. Here’s what they learned.
June 15, 2010
Jesús Gasca, left, and his son, Jon, pose with their 1998 Nube chair.

Jon Gasca of STUA

Jon Gasca and his father Jesus Gasca are the creative minds behind STUA, a 20-year-old design house based in Spain. I tracked Jon down in San Sebastian, Spain, and asked him about his new chair, STUA's lack of fuss, and what it's like working with dad.  
June 14, 2010
terence conran portrait

A Knight's Retail

"I can never understand why people employ decorators," posits Sir Terence Conran, a man whose surname is synonymous with design. "One of the great joys in life is collecting things to put in a home," he adds, and it's apt that outfitting a house is more than just part of the job for Conran; he has been helping others discover that same satisfaction since opening his first furnishings store, Habitat, in London in 1964. In 1987 he launched the Conran Shop, and his reach now includes architecture, books, and restaurants. The sun, it seems, never sets on this British empire.  
June 14, 2010
Food Map Container 1

Preview: Jon Wilson, Food Map Design

The urban-rural gap is quickly shrinking and interest in local, organic food is continuously increasing. And today, it's not unusually to find gardeners harvesting their own produce even in a concrete-filled, car-centric city like Los Angeles. Food Map Design's Jon Wilson tells us the ins and outs of urban gardening, offering tips for even those with the brownest of thumbs for container gardening.
June 12, 2010
rojas ica

Boston in Your Hands

The latest Play Date at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art was held last weekend, to much applause and hands-on revelry in the spirit of planning. Titled 'Design a City: Boston In Your Hands' and conducted by urban planner James Rojas, the event invited families and children to envision the city's future by manipulating the built environment through recycled objects.
June 9, 2010
Andrew Bird poster by Jason Munn

The Small Stakes: Music Posters

Graphic design rarely gets better than when it's put to music and put through a screen. And few create concert posters better than Jason Munn. In a new release published this year by Chronicle Books titled The Small Stakes: Music Posters, over 150 of Munn's silk-screened prints (for musicians like Death Cab for Cutie, Beck, Andrew Bird, Spoon, the Pixies, and more) are reproduced in CKMY plus silver and gold inks. The weighty pages of non-wood paper bring the talent of the Oakland, California, artist (whose studio is called The Small Stakes) to the forefront and are nice enough to trim out and hang as mini prints themselves.
June 7, 2010
Crazy Sexy Wool Crop

Crazy Sexy Wool

I was in New York earlier this week, and stopped into the very charming and hip Bond St. bistro The Smile for lunch. In addition to a mean roast beef sandwich and some stellar pickles, they also sell a handful of books, design goods, and housewears. What really caught my eye in the old timey, wood-paneled space, though, was a rather large white bag with black print and what would prove to be just the first in a line of textile puns: Crazy Sexy Wool from Wool and the Gang.
June 4, 2010
storefront book copy

Storefront Newsprints

Few forms of reading leave a physical reminder of the act itself, but to page through the two volumes of collected newsprints from Storefront for Art and Architecture is to truly feel and see the ink on your fingertips.
June 3, 2010
de waart dop residence living room portrait thumbnail

Singapore Fling

In December 2007, Nicolette de Waart, her husband, Joost Dop, and their four children moved from Heemstede, the Netherlands, to Singapore. While Dop began his new job, De Waart set out to find someplace for them to live. In the process of turning a house into their home, she also found a footing for her interior design business, Design Doctors, an extension of her well-established Dutch company, De Stijlfabriek. De Waart tells her tale of procuring (and piecing together) a place for her family in the big city.
June 2, 2010