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Maira Kalman Crop

Artist Maira Kalman at the CJM

I've long loved her New Yorker covers, and am still over the moon about the illustrated version of Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style from 2005, so I leapt at the chance to meet illustrator and painter Maira Kalman this morning. Today, Maira Kalman: Various Illustrations (of a Crazy World), the first large retrospective of her work, opens at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, and runs through October 26th. The show began at the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, and it was my great good fortune to chat with the show's curator Ingrid Schaffner as well. I meandered through the gallery with Maira and Ingrid both chatting about Maira's work, her collections of ephemera on display alongside her paintings (buckets, ladders, and suitcases abound), and what, if anything, makes her work particularly Jewish.
July 1, 2010
Dwell_Utah_ 0616

The First LEED for Homes–Rated House in Utah

In the land of large mountain lodge wannabes, two California natives tuck Utah’s first LEED for Homes–rated house onto the side of Emigration Canyon.  
July 1, 2010
goldberg champage residence patio portrait thumbnail

Coast Docs

Law professor Carole Goldberg and sociology professor Duane Champagne both teach at the University of California, Los Angeles. Both have a love of books and cooking, and since marrying in 2003, they now share six kids and eight grandchildren as well. To design the couple’s green, familycentric beach getaway in Oxnard, California, architectural designer Daniel Garness—–who has offices in Los Angeles and New Orleans—–had a lot more to consider than how high to make the twin sinks. Goldberg tells us why the couple’s home is very nearly its castle.
June 30, 2010
Hidden series bags by Timbuk2

Timbuk2 Hidden Series

The problem with reusable bags is actually reusing them. At my apartment, there is reusable bag upon reusable bag (mostly the kind you can buy at the grocery store that resemble a paper bag) but for the majority of the time, they sit there unused. About a year ago, however, I received a Hidden Tote by Timbuk2 and finally found a fabric bag I would reliably carry aorund and toss my groceries in.
June 29, 2010
Heath Collection

Heath LA Visit

While down in LA for Dwell on Design this year I had a chance to stop into the Heath Ceramics LA shop to look around, check out the Playmountain show which is up now, and have lunch with Heath's LA honcho, Adam Silverman. I also took a few photos of the space, which was designed by the very talented Angelenos at Commune Design. All told it made for a very nice afternoon and I can't encourage you enough to stop into the shop at 7525 Beverly Boulevard, just past Fairfax. Have a look at the slideshow to see what I saw.
June 28, 2010
dulkinys spiekermann portrait kitchen thumbnail

A Rational Approach

Typography guru Erik Spiekermann and his wife, designer Susanna Dulkinys, hate 
clutter. That’s why they love the supersleek Berlin domicile they constructed to have 
just the right lines—and a host of energy-saving features behind the scenes.  
June 28, 2010
Dwell on Design 2012 Wallter Showroom

Live from the Show Floor: Wallter

We've always admired the metal Slat Rack coat hanger by Wallter. At Dwell on Design, the Richmond, California–based design company debuted a new series of products: the Post, Wall, and Hang powder-coated spun aluminum planters. The owners, husband-wife team Max and Linda Geiser, launched the company in 2000 and continue to craft all the textiles themselves and have almost the rest of their collection fabricated two miles down the street. Dwell associate editor Miyoko Ohtake popped by the Wallter booth and chatted with Max about the company and the new pieces.  
June 26, 2010
HP's new Pavilion dm4 laptop was given away to two lucky attendees at Dwell on Design today. HP will be handing out a new laptop to a winner each day of the conference.

HP Announces dm4t Winner at DoD

Congratulations to Beth Whitfield, of and, and Susan Luc for winning the first giveaway from the HP Lounge at Dwell on Design. Both Beth and Susan will receive a Pavilion dm4 with Intel Core processor from HP’s MUSE collection.   Stay tuned for the announcement of tomorrow's winner—HP will be naming a new one each day of Dwell on Design. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, you should venture downtown and cast your lot. You can't win if you don't play...register now!   If you can't attend the show, you can follow @dwell as we tweet from the show floor of #dwellondesign.  
June 26, 2010
dod2010 stool

Live from the Floor: Touch and Inhabitat

There's an epic amount to be browsed through on the Dwell on Design show floor this year, and we're all having a blast checking out the booths at the LA Convention Center. One of the first things I saw—and loved—was at Touch. This little Open Stool is a multi-national collaboration between Studio Verrisimo, who designed it in Portugal, and the fantastic local Los Angeles gallery Touch, who developed it for manufacture in southern California from FSC-certified pine. It's a little seat, sure, but the smart slot cut out in the center means that it also acts as a door-stop (!) or a short desk-addendum. Very cool stuff.  
June 25, 2010