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"Super Lamp" Martine Bedin. © V&A Images. Painted metal, lighting components.

"Postmodernism" at the V&A Museum

"Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 1970-1990," on view at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum through January 15th 2012, is the first major exhibition to take a long, hard look at the most transformative—and contentious—aesthetic movement of the late twentieth century, one that continues to resonate (for better and for worse) throughout architecture, design, fine art, and popular culture. With over 250 objects tracing the movement from its tentative beginnings through its explosive heyday to its decline (at the hands of commercialization), the exhibition makes a powerful case for the postmodernism's game-changing significance. On a recent afternoon, Glenn Adamson, the show’s co-curator (with Jane Pavitt), gave Dwell a tour, and discussed some of "Postmodernism’s" highlights and the thinking behind their inclusion.
October 17, 2011

Inside the VitraHaus

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Basel, Switzerland, was crossing the border to visit the Vitra campus in Weil-am-Rhein, Germany, about 25 minutes from Basel, and exploring the VitraHaus. The five-story structure looks like seven longhouses stacked one on top of each other, and it houses the entire Vitra collection. The best part: you're encouraged to take a seat and test out all the pieces.
October 15, 2011
In 1956, Alexander Girard was commissioned by Georg Jensen to design seven table settings for an exhibition in New York. The Millers used the Carolus Magnus pattern at their house in Columbus, Indiana. The motifs in these four porcelain plates represent t

Inspired by the Miller House

I just learned about this new series of products inspired by one of the country’s most iconic examples of mid-century Modernist residential architecture—the Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana. We featured this project, which was designed by Eero Saarinen, with interiors by Alexander Girard and landscape design by Dan Kiley, in our May issue, online here. This past spring it opened to the public for the first time ever, as a house museum owned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art.   Now, in an effort to help support the preservation of this singular architectural complex, the IMA Museum Store has created a series of five products emblazoned with Alexander Girard patterns, comprising the Miller House Collection.   Here are the current offerings:   ALEXANDER GIRARD PLATE SET, $52.00
October 14, 2011
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Friday Finds 10.14.11

Happy Friday to you all! Today we present a round-up of our favorite websites, photos, and videos. From compendiums of obscure book illustrations, to epicurean photography (can you tell it's close to lunch?), to landscape design around the globe, scroll down to see what's been on the minds of the staff at Dwell.
October 14, 2011

Twist A Twill Blanket

One of the highlights of the London Design Festival was a show of small, up-and-coming designers and makers called TENT London. One of the many talents I met on my visit was the Danish textile designer Tina Ratzer. I really liked her work, and she recently tipped me off to three new colors for her wonderful wool Twist A Twill blanket.  
October 13, 2011
1 CopyrightEAMESOffice

Eames Words

The A+D Museum on L.A.’s Museum Row has just opened "Eames Words," named for its highly conceptual, and lexical, approach to the Eames legacy. “The whole idea is based on an aspect on Charles and Ray’s lives that is somewhat underexposed to the world,” says curator Deborah Sussman (of the design firm Sussman/Prejza), who worked closely with the couple at the Eames Office in Venice, California, for ten years in the 1950s and ’60s. Central to the exhibition—which runs through January 16—are quotes by Charles and Ray Eames, many previously published and better known, and some told directly to Sussman (such as Ray’s assessment that the Jeep is “an automobile that America can be proud of,” accompanied by a Army-green Willys Jeep). Each quote has received a specialized treatment and sizing by type designer Andrew Byrom; the words meander through the modest space as a narrative that allows the world a glimpse into the philosophies behind the Eameses’ work—and way of living.
October 12, 2011
Circus is part of an uncharacteristically geometric collection that Cole & Son is debuting this fall.

Cole & Son Factory Tour

Cole & Son, a London-based wallpaper manufacturer established in 1875, recently launched its collection of autumn wallpapers, including a particularly striking harlequin pattern of overlain colors called "Circus" that proves the 136-year-old company can do modern with as much depth as the historical. These papers are manufactured—"manu," by hand, being the operative root—barely north of central London in Haringey, where the tiny Cole & Son factory rolls out a quarter of a million meters of high-end wallcoverings per year. On the ground floor of the two-floor warehouse, a 130-year old machine sits beside a shinier digital printer of a mere 30 years. Though they don’t look old enough, some workers have been there for decades and have children working there too. “It’s like anything you do,” says a screen printer named Jason who has been mastering his craft for 25 years. “You just get used to it and then it’s easy.”
October 11, 2011
<h3>Latte Cup in Slate, Mud Australia, $37</h3>
Alissa Parker-Walker: "My idea of a perfect fall afternoon would be laying next to a fire, drinking a cup of tea and enjoying a good book. What better to drink that cup o’ tea from than a latte cup from Mud

The Best of Horne

Browsing online design shops peeping at awesome housewares and furniture counts as 'work' here at Dwell, and I recently discovered what might be my new favorite design resource: Horne, founded by Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker. "Our promise is to only offer items that we think are truly wonderful," the pair write in their site's mini-manifesto. "We try to counter the 'buy disposable' mentality by selling pieces that you will cherish for years and years to come. Each item is truly a special treasure—something to hold and love but also use and enjoy." With the seasons changing and an influx of sweet new objects on their site, I asked Walker and Parker to share a few of their favorite fall-friendly items currently available at Horne, from a graphic patterned pouf to a perfect tea mug.
October 10, 2011
modern wooden storage box unit

Storage Savvy Renovation in Emeryville

Persistence paid off for this Cali­fornia couple who worked overtime for two years to tackle their all-in-one loft renovation.
October 10, 2011