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nest protect smoke detector

Meet the Nest Protect Smoke Detector

Palo Alto–based product design company Nest Labs—known for its slick Learning thermostat—announced its next venture today: the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector. "This is a product category prime for disruption," says Maxime Veron, director of product marketing at Nest. In homes, most technology has been steadily updated—think appliances, security systems, lighting, heating and cooling—but smoke detectors haven't seen much innovation in the past few decades. We can all identify with the qualms of these archaic devices: fussy batteries, false alarms, and ear-splitting noise (it is supposed to get your attention, after all). This version aims to make smoke detectors easier to use, more effective, and something to covet. "Things don't need to be ugly or dumb" says Veron. "This thinks before it speaks." Have a look at some of Nest Protect's features in the following slideshow.
October 8, 2013
3d conference lamp

Exploring the Future of 3D Printing: Day 2

The second day of the Media Bistro–sponsored 3D Inside Printing Conference and Expo offered more exploration of the industry, including an exploration of the coding associated with creating 3D objects, and its potential for growth. Here’s what we found on wrapup day.
September 25, 2013
3d printing p1060162lo

Exploring the Future of 3D Printing: Day 1

The Media Bistro–sponsored 3D Inside Printing Conference and Expo is happening over two days in San Jose, California, and has gathered the most cutting-edge inventors and companies in the field, offering some very mind-blowing ideas that promise to reshape the way we create objects, and even buildings. Here are our discoveries from Day 1 of the conference, which includes lectures and demonstrations on all things 3D.
September 19, 2013
smartphone products august

6 Smartphone-Controlled Home Products

Our homes are getting more and more intelligent thanks to the little computers in our pockets—our smartphones. Companies are creating products that communicate with your iPhone or Android handset, letting you control and manage them with a few taps on the screen. You can get everything from a door lock to lights to an air conditioner to connect to your phone. Soon enough, we'll be living in robo-houses that will do everything for us.
September 9, 2013

Week in Review: 7 Great Stories You May Have Missed

Each week delivers more than 50 original posts, articles, and interviews focused on the latest in modern design. We wouldn't want you to miss a thing, so we've pulled together our top stories of the week. Take a look and see what you might have missed.
September 6, 2013

What iOS 7 Would Look Like in Your Home

Apple's latest mobile operating system iOS 7 is set to launch in September. The redesign is radically different than what we're used to seeing on our iPhones and iPads today. Instead of icons and apps with depth and faux-material backgrounds, Apple has opted for a flatter, cleaner look. There's also a translucency to the experience, and much more animation and motion. Almost every built-in app and experience has gotten a makeover. In honor of Apple's coming launch, Justin Wagoner at The Agency San Diego has created images of what iOS 7 might look like should it take over everyday items in our home. Considering Apple is at the forefront of mobile design, Wagoner's designs don't look farfetched at all. They might be just around the corner.
September 1, 2013
stack printer

A Printer That Moves Down a Stack of Paper

In a re-imagination of the everyday printer, designer Mugi Yamamoto has created the Stack, a printer that is placed atop a pile of paper and moves down as it prints. Yamamoto developed the device as his diploma project at Ecole Cantonale D'Art Lausanne in Switzerland, where he studied industrial and product design. Thanks to a lot of trial and error in design and studying many modern-day printers, Yamamoto was able to remove the need for a paper tray. Instead, the Stack has a set of rubber wheels on the bottom that feed paper into the machine, effectively minimizing the amount of space the printer takes up. Given how much of our homes' countertops and desks are covered with gadgets, Yamamoto's Stack is an incredibly smart design that shows how technology can be sleek, effective and attractive. Currently, the Stack is still in prototype form, though Yamamoto says he is looking to work with companies to sell the machine.
August 28, 2013
dwell vision award

Dwell Vision Awards Deadline Extended

Calling all designers! The deadline for the first-ever Dwell Vision Awards has been extended!
August 26, 2013
show us how you nest winner

Show Us How You Nest Winner Announced

We teamed up with Nest and asked our readers to show and tell us why a Nest Thermostat would make all the difference in their space. With an overwhelming response of fantastic images and compelling details about how a Nest will improve our reader's space, the top 20 entries were posted on Pinterest for popular vote. After two weeks, the entry with the most likes is "Paradise Nest" by Manlo Ngai.
August 23, 2013