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Modern in the Country

Eric and Melinda purchased a 10-acre plot of land in rural Yelm, Washington, with visions of a new home on the range. There would be vineyards, gardens, an orchard, bees and chickens—typical country fodder—but they would showcase their design sensibility with a not-so-typical modern abode. Enlisting Matthew Coates of Coates Design, the outcome is a modern home that, while striking, is still a natural fit in the country location.
March 15, 2013
Modern prefab house with white facade in Sierra Nevada mountains

Middle Ground

Adding less than $100,000 of improvements to an off-the-shelf prefab model resulted in a clean-cut structure at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada.
December 19, 2012
American inventor Willis Carrier

Happy Birthday, HVAC

Here's a random fact for the day: July 17, 2012, marks the 110th anniversary of the humble air conditioner. Sure, overheated and crafty peoples had invented one-off cooling devices before American inventor Willis Carrier installed his air conditioning unit in a Brooklyn printing factory in 1902, but consider Carrier the Edison of plugged-in temperature control. While we hide indoors from this summer's fourth heat wave, here are a few cool pieces of A/C trivia.
July 17, 2012
firewood burning


Kiel Moe, assistant professor of architectural technology at Harvard University, specializes in architecture and energy issues. “As fuel prices fluctuate,” he says, “you’re going to see more people return to heating directly with fire.”
April 11, 2012
prefab beach house retreat

Green Sustainable Home in Montauk

Decades after they met as teenagers on a Montauk beach, Manhattanites Victoria and Greg Pryor returned to Long Island to build a sustainable second home together.
December 14, 2011
Shoup, his wife, Taya, and daughter, Hannah, relax on the deck off the kitchen with their dog, Stella. “For a high percentage of the year, we just roll open the door, and everybody hangs out in the kitchen, where we can keep an eye on Hannah,” explains Sh

Creative Re-Use in Oakland

Stephen Shoup is the kind of person to see potential in things that others might miss. In 2005, looking for a property that would house himself and his design/build firm, building Lab inc., he happened upon a roughly 6,000-square-foot lot in north Oakland, California. Undeterred by the condition of the building (it had served as a shop for the late master woodcarver Miles Karpilow) or the neighborhood (Shoup calls it “transitional”), he imagined what the property could become.
February 28, 2011
color changing tiles

Color-Changing Roof Tiles

Living in a temperate climate, and deciding between a dark roof and a white roof? Trying to calculate if your summertime benefit with a light roof will outweigh the potential wintertime losses? We tweeted about this new roof tile prototype a couple weeks ago, and we're eagerly following its development.
November 17, 2009
solar decathalon

Net Zero x Twenty = Solar Decathlon

It’s the site where wars are protested, dreams declared, and millions still march, but on October 9 the National Mall in Washington, DC, will host a new revolution.
October 7, 2009
austin residence illustration canopy

Made for the Shade

The rusted red corrugated-steel canopy that covers Jim Austin’s home at Rimrock Ranch is visually striking in its desert surroundings
June 17, 2009