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Midtown Group

Designs on Midtown Manhattan

I was back in New York last week, in part to attend the press preview lunch for I Saloni Milano in New York which is a six-week celebration of Italian design. The event is meant to comemorate the 50th anniversary of the Salone furniture fair in Milan. The lunch was at Mario Batali's restaurant Manzo in Eataly, and the man himself popped his head out to welcome us. The festivities commence in late November with a series of video portraits by Robert Wilson, a video installation of Leonardo's Last Supper by Peter Greenway, and events in 20 Italian furniture showrooms around the city. The food was great and it was truly an international gathering of design, art, food, and business. Quite fun! After that I had a little wander around midtown Manhattan to see the design sites, and finished off with a tasty treat at a new high-design cafe on Madison Avenue called D'Espresso.
October 20, 2010
glidden color me impressed round two winner happy plaid

Runners Up, Color Me Impressed Round Two

We loved perusing the entries from the latest round of the Glidden Paint and Color Me Impressed Design Competition - so we decided to post our favorites! Check out our final four. First up is Happy Plaid submitted by Laura Treichel!
October 19, 2010
Modern backyard chicken coop

Coop Dreams

Switching coasts from Brooklyn to Portland gave architects Mitchell Snyder and Shelley Martin a new set of unexpected clients: three young hens.
October 18, 2010
glidden color me impressed round 2 winner rev

Winner: Color Me Impressed, Round Two

The competition was stiff for Round Two of Color Me Impressed, our design competition centered around color theory. The submission that impressed us best was...
October 15, 2010
The color library at Domus Orsoni.

The Foundry at Domus Orsoni

While in Italy checking out the latest in tiles at Cersaie in Bologna, we took a day to train over to Venice and roam the waterways and were given the opportunity to visit the only foundry in the city: Domus Orsoni. Here's what we saw at the 122-year-old establishment and hub of mosaic magic.
October 13, 2010
Design Philadelphia

Handicapping Design Philadelphia

Last night Design Philadelphia kicked off its 6th annual festival of art, architecture, and design. This year the event boasts over 150 events over 11 days, all aimed, as Design Philadelphia executive director Hilary Jay told me, "to create an atmosphere in this region where the creative spirit can flourish." I should also note that the overwhelming majority of the events over the course of the 11 days are free. "We want the barrier of entrace to be really low," Jay said. "A lot of people don't understand capital-D design and I want to help educate the public about what design means to their everyday lives." I'll be visiting Philly in the middle of next week and aim to check out a few events myself; here's what Jay is most looking forward to.
October 8, 2010
Entering the Fiere.

Cersaie 2010

Cersaie is the biggest trade show of the year for ceramic tiles, and each September Bologna becomes a hub for showing the latest innovations featuring the multi-faceted material. From roofing to flooring, interior walls to exterior siding, Italians brought their a-game to the Fiere, and for those of you who have never been to a trade show here’s a peek at what we saw.
October 6, 2010
listening there exhibit 1thumb

Listening There: Scenes From Ghana

Two years ago, Mabel O. Wilson and Peter Tolkin traveled through Ghana, visiting the cities and documenting the architecture that had been erected over a thirty-year period, beginning in the late 1940s, when colonial rule was ending. These mid-century buildings were mostly modernist, designed by architects from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Lebanon, Italy and Ghana; they had been reviewed in contemporary architectural publications, as part of a lively debate on what became known as “Tropical Modernism.” Until recently, their legacy had all but disappeared from the historical canon. Wilson and Tolkin's trip was motivated by a desire to see how these buildings had fared in the half century since their construction, and to explore how they functioned in today's increasingly urban and global contexts. The resulting photographs are on view at STUDIO-X NEW YORK until December 16th, in an exhibition entitled "Listening There: Scenes From Ghana." Here's a preview.
October 5, 2010
small scale exhibition school exterior thumb

MoMA's Small Scale, Big Change

The exhibition "Small Scale, Big Change" opens at the Museum of Modern Art in New York this Sunday. Curious to hear more about the show—which sadly I won't have the chance to see in person—I got curator Andres Lepik on the phone to talk about the exhibition, which focuses on 11 architectural projects in underserved communities around the world.
October 4, 2010