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teixidors blankets stack

Blankets by Teixidors and Christian Zuzunaga

One of our new favorite product lines spotted at this year's ICFF is from Spanish company Teixidors, a small-scale textile maker that weaves its wares in Terrassa, a city in Catalonia. Established in 1983, Teixidors has a laudable social mission—it aims to employ people with learning disabilities to operate their hand looms—and environmental ethic—it uses natural materials farmed in a responsible manner.
June 19, 2012
Swiss Design Prize

Swiss Design at Dwell on Design

It's coming up Swiss at this year's Dwell on Design. On Saturday, June 23rd, we'll be talking to two sets of panelists on the Design Innovation Stage, with additional Swiss handicraft shown on the Demonstration Stage. The occasion? The annual Swiss Design Prize, which honors the "economic and cultural relevance" of young designers' work in Switzerland. Some of this year's winners will be joining us in Los Angeles next weekend, along with Lukas Scherrer, SHIBULERU founder and former senior industrial designer at IDEO. Follow along for some background on our panelists.
June 13, 2012
Roros Snohetta

Snøhetta Gets Small-Scale with Røros-Tweed

One of the best booths at ICFF this year (see a bunch more roundups onsite and offsite here) was the insidenorway set-up featuring prototypes from young Norwegian designers, all curated by Paul Makovsky of Metropolis magazine. There we found some new work by architecture firm Snøhetta, whose designers delved into textile fabrication with the help of venerated wool company Røros-Tweed. We're used to seeing Snøhetta work on a grand scale, but the collaboration proves that they bring just as much rigor to everyday home goods. Here's a look at the ingenious blanket design by the firm's design team, led by Siri Warren.
June 11, 2012
orange Tresse rug by Samuel Accoceberry for Chevalier Edition

Graphic Carpet Ride

June 5, 2012
Spanish rug designer Nani Marquina

ICFF 2012: Nani Marquina on Design

Spanish rug design maven Nani Marquina is known for her emphasis on handcrafted wares, commitment to fair trade practices and sustainable development, and for bringing a distinctive and imaginative twist to floor coverings. This year, her company, nanimarquina, celebrates its 25th anniversary. We caught up with Marquina on the ICFF show floor and—with the help of her translator—found out more about her design philosophy, how she approaches collaborations, and which of her numerous pieces has stuck with her the most throughout the years.
May 25, 2012
Marc Thorpe pixelated orange gradient fabric

Neo Knits

A pair of designers dream up a fresh way of knitting pixelated fabric, powered by a 21st-century sewing machine.
May 18, 2012
Maria João Arnaud’s hand-printed Friendship Mountains textile

Maria João Arnaud

“At London Design Festival, I really fell for Maria João Arnaud’s hand-printed Friendship Mountains textiles.”
April 24, 2012
Hasso ipad gray

Hasso's iPad and Laptop Sleeves

As soon as a new gizmo hits—I'm looking at you, iPad—the design world races to kit it out with sleek accessories. Yes, I'm all for protecting my precious laptop or tablet or swanky phone, but rarely does a quality-made case get to market at the same time as the object it's supposed to house or preserve. Which means that for a really hot iPad sleeve, you'll have to wait a little bit before a great one arrives. Thankfully, the Colombian bag makers at Hasso hit the retail scene last year with their excellent laptop and iPad sleeves, the Sabino and the Aldo. The Daza, which I really like, has only been available since December 2011. Design Director Nicholas Hurtado walks me through.  
February 27, 2012
bedrock print 1901 washington dc big

Bedrock Images's Forgotten Maps

For the architecturally inclined—especially those with a mess of wall space—little enlivens the living room like a gigantic map. Though hip apartments the nation over are festooned with graphic prints of Brooklyn neighborhoods, diagrams of the London Underground, and the like, to get a real dose of architectural bravado in your residence, consider one of the massive archival maps from Bedrock Images. Printed on cloth, fine paper, or glossy photographic paper, these images from Rome, New York, Paris, Washington D.C., or Beijing range in size from merely impressive to room-transformingly massive. Have a look at the slideshow that follows to get a feel for Bedrock's products.
February 6, 2012