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bauer pottery tokyo exterior

Bauer Pottery Brings US-Made Ceramics to Tokyo

Storied California ceramics company Bauer Pottery opens its first showroom in Tokyo, a mirror of the original in Los Angeles.
July 9, 2013
jars of clay josh herman ceramics

Ceramic Design We Love: Glazed and Textured

Ceramics have always been a key interior accessory for the mod home. Our current favorites incorporate advanced glazing techniques that pay homage to their mid-century forebears.
May 17, 2013
dwell maria moyer

Ocean-Inspired Porcelain Designs by Maria Moyer

In essence, wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection, profoundness in nature and valuing authenticity above all else. This description could accurately be used to characterize sculptor Maria Moyer’s work as well.
May 16, 2013
cup s  0

Pastel Picks for the Kitchen

These pastel pieces enliven a staid kitchen by adding a sweet, but not saccharine, note.
May 8, 2013
pia stacking

New from Pia Wüstenberg

We last highlighted Pia Wüstenberg's work in our May 2012 issue, when we called her one of design's rising stars; previously we called out her innovative recycled paper lights, which she created by shaping rolls of laminated scrap paper on a wood lathe. She recently got in touch to let us know about her latest project: a new iteration of her Stacking Vessels, which she originally designed in 2011.
April 11, 2013

Ceramic Designer We Love: Jeff Nimeh

Relocating from New York to Kyoto, Japan in 2012 not only marked a new beginning in his life, but proved to be a working catalyst for ceramicist Jeff Nimeh. All of the pieces from the designer's collection of "balanced and well-proportioned ceramic art" are skillfully wheel-thrown in porcelain and high-fired with select glazes. Incredible in its simplicity, the works are a quiet reminder of the inherent beauty of ceramic artisanship, dating back all the way to 25,000 BC. Nippon absorbed, we can't wait to see what the former New Yorker will present next.
April 8, 2013
ofakind object totem

Limited Edition Object + Totem Bottle Vase

Have you heard of online startup Of A Kind? If not, bookmark it now. The online retailer commissions limited-edition pieces from emerging designers, and until now, it's been a mix of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. We hear they're moving into the home goods sphere, and this week's edition is a good sign for ceramics enthusiasts.
April 3, 2013
danishcraft growthchair mathias

Danish Crafts Announces Mindcraft13 for Salone

Danish Crafts, an organization devoted to representing up-and-coming Danish designers, announced this year’s Mindcraft, their exhibition at Milan’s Fuori Salone 2013.
March 21, 2013