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A Chat with Remodelista: Market Highlights for 2012

DIY workshops aplenty and modern, hand-crafted goods such as lighting, hardware, and garden accessories are planned for Remodelista's third year at Dwell on Design. We speak with Editor-at-Large and Market Director, Sarah Lonsdale, for the inside scoop on the Market.
June 15, 2012
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Mr. CHIP Goes to Washington

A highlight of this year's Solar Decathlon was the CHIP house, designed, built, and transported to Washington DC by a team of over 100 SCI-Arc and Caltech students. The uniquely puffy "outsulated"  CHIP house—the Compact, Hyper-Insulated Prototype—is an effort to "address the contemporary issues or sustainability, energy efficiency, and affordable housing through a built work." If you missed it during the Decathlon, you have a few additional opportunities to check it out, most notably an exhibition opening this Friday at SCI-Arc's Library Gallery. "Mr. CHIP Goes to Washington," running through December 16, displays through photographs, video, and time-lapse footage the "frantic month in Washington D.C. that is the culmination of the team's two-year effort to conceptualize and develop its proposition for a new sustainability."
October 25, 2011
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Buffalo Basics Founders

Buffalo, New York, regularly ranks among the top poorest cities in the United States. And with its heydays over 100 years in the past, it’s no surprise that though its people may be strong in spirit, its buildings are starting to crack. Earlier this year, two young Buffalo natives, Megan McNally and Whitney Yax, decided to do something about the city’s dilapidated buildings by educating its denizens. As Centennial Scholars at Barnard College, they each received $4,000 for a project of their choosing, which they were then required to present at the end of the year. Many students take trips around the world and write a report about the culture of the country they visited, by McNally and Yax wanted to work on a project that would make a difference.
June 19, 2009