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Q & A with Confetti System

Confetti System is two friends—Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen—who make their living creating festive and kaleidoscopic "party systems" out of tissue paper, sparkly mylar, and more. They've created confetti, shaggy geometric pinatas, and garlands for the likes of J.Crew and the band Beach House, and sell their rope-y metallic necklaces at Opening Ceremony and Bergdorf Goodman.
December 1, 2010
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Alejandro Sticotti's Teahouse

I met with the Argentinian architect and furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti a few months ago while he was in San Francisco, and he showed me photos he'd snapped the previous week, while on Megijima Island in Japan for the 2010 Setouchi International Art Festival. The annual festival is over now, but I thought I'd still share his images, which show the furnishings and lighting he created for a restaurant on the ground floor of a Japanese ryokan inn on Megijima, one of Japan's Inner Islands.
November 4, 2010
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Inside Woodshop

We trekked to San Francisco's foggy Outer Sunset neighborhood to check out Woodshop, a collective of four artist and designers who came together through a shared interest in craft, design, and surfing. The studio consists of Luke Bartels, who creates custom furniture from local hardwoods; wooden surfboard maker Danny Hess; Josh Duthie, who reinvents old chairs with new ideas; and the artist and sign painter Jeff Canham. After I poked around the front showroom (open by appointment only), Bartels took me around their 2,100-square foot woodshop and studio, one of the coolest workspaces I've seen.
September 13, 2010
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Alex Randall's Trippy Lighting

Alex Randall is not your typical lighting designer. In lieu of new materials, the British lighting designer raids salvage yards and taxidermy shops to create truly innovative and often creepy 'bespoke' lighting installations. Whether you find them magnetic or repellent—or, most likely, a seductive mixture of the two—you won't soon forget her Rat Lamp or Squirrel Wall Lights, both of which debuted at The Future Perfect in New York during ICFF.
August 12, 2010
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Pieces from a Larger Puzzle

“Pieces from a Larger Puzzle,” an exhibition at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura—a 1950s building in Westwood designed by Robert Alexander, Richard Neutra’s partner—of Italian artist, architect and designer Gaetano Pesce’s work, on display through August 31, spans more than 40 years and covers his myriad designs, from his jiggly poured polyurethane resin vases to his famous womblike La Mamma chairs of expanded polyurethane foam with a self-inflating core. The student of architect Carlo Scarpa, Pesce, who was born in Italy and is based in New York, is known for his innovative and extensive use of resin and plastic, about which he has said, “The materials of the future for me are flexible, translucent, elastic and colorful.” Among the mix of joyfully presented objects of these materials, inscribed on the back wall of the gallery space, was another Pesce allusion to things to come: “The future is a very beautiful creature…the past is not.”
July 14, 2010
mosstika birds

Unauthorized Moss Art

From Banksy to Katsu to Iz the Wiz, we often hear about guerilla graffiti artists who've taken their social critiques to the streets with powerful images and strong words.  Along a quieter alley, Hungarian artist Edina Tokodi brings her art to the urban landscape in a softer way, but her message is no less provocative.
August 10, 2009
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Q&A with Adam Kalkin

In the In the Modern World section of our June 2009 issue, I reviewed artist-architect Adam Kalkin’s new monograph, Quik Build: Adam Kalkin's ABC of Container Architecture. The book is a compilation of built and unbuilt projects, all based on using shipping containers as the fundamental building block, with essays by Barry Bergdoll, Will McLean, and Alastair Gordon. I recently spoke with Kalkin about Quik Build, architecture as a perfomative art, and the longevity of building with containers.
May 15, 2009
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Christopher Puzio at Dwell on Design

We editors have started to put together the panels and programming for Dwell on Design 09 in Los Angeles, and I'm very excited to report that San Diego-based artist, gallerist, educator, builder and metalworker Christopher Puzio is on board.
March 27, 2009
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Calypso in Air

The Whitney Museum of American Art recently put on view a collection of Alexander Calder mobiles from 1926-1933, so it's perhaps of interest to check out another artist of this medium in New York. Hanna Sandin has mastered the technique of using steel rods, string, and wire to suspend art in air.
November 8, 2008