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Lightroom Facade

A Home, Studio, and Gallery Support a Growing Art Scene in Georgia

A forward-thinking architect builds a multifunctional structure with a burgeoning community in mind.
December 16, 2015
Family room with hinged tall door and bookcases

6 Garages Converted Into Useful Living Spaces

The last thing you'll find in these charming homes, studios, and getaways is a car.
December 11, 2015
Midden Studio skylights

6 Unique Artist's Studios We Love

From industrial minimalism to warm wood interiors, these six studios are as diverse and creative as their users.
December 9, 2015
watershed wren oregon float moore erin interior view

6 Spaces Designed for Reading and Writing

The home library may be a relic of bygone domestic architecture—thanks in no small part to the digitization of reading and writing—but we still need secluded and comfortable spaces to gather our thoughts.
November 23, 2015
Brooklyn Artist Studio

These Private Homes Double as Modern Art Galleries

These multi-purpose homes were designed with great creative concentration, much like the artwork they display.
November 10, 2015
In his detached painting studio, Dunlop considers a work in progress. The building is oriented east-west to avoid direct sunlight, and the long, narrow shape enables the artist to get some distance from his paintings as he works. An oversize front door an

5 Homes Featuring Art Studios

These multi-purpose homes allow for work to mix with life, helping their owners hearken to their creative muses.
November 5, 2015
a creative apartment renovation in tokyo

6 Mixed-Use Homes That Pack Tons of Functionality Under One Roof

These multifaceted spaces illustrate just how intricate a “home” can be.
October 27, 2015
Midden Studio zinc facade

A Striking Artist's Retreat in Coastal Scotland Floats Above a Stream

At once futuristic and traditional, this miniature escape by Studio Weave makes a bold mark using just zinc and plywood.
October 21, 2015
muennig music studio interior

5 Rooms Designed For Music

Acoustic properties are one of the essential characteristics of architecture: if any space envelops you, it creates unique surfaces and masses that shape sound waves. Check out these 5 spaces designed for your ears!
October 15, 2015