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London Design Festival: This Is Not a Detergent Bottle

More ceramics from Tent, in the form of everyday, disposable objects cast in porcelain.
September 22, 2008
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London Design Festival: Plastic Fantastic

Opening tonight is From Now to Eternity, a show focusing on plastics with work by a collection of designers, including FAT, Tomoko Azumi, Stuart Haygarth and Committee. It's intended to be a celebration of and debate around design with plastic.
September 19, 2008
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London Design Festival

The London Design Festival party last night was full of hedge-funders seeking free drinks and nibbles. The city, reeling from this week's events, seemed to turn up in force at the down-at-heel arts and design scene of Shoreditch. Of course, whether they were in the mood to buy right now is another question.
September 18, 2008