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Friday Finds 7.22.11

In our current issue, we explored design for families, ranging from multi-generational households to couples with young children. For our Dwell Reports story, House Party!, we rounded up a handful of modern playhouses. A few readers commented on the pricetag of some of the designs, but get a load of Jaime's find for this Friday: $200,000 ultra-luxe playhouses for those with enough extra cabbage on hand to buy "bling for the yard." Read on for more on this story and to see what other current events caught our attention this week.
July 22, 2011
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Friday Finds 7.15.11

Do you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person? According to Hunch, the blog that Aaron found this week, that distinction also correlates with your T.V. show preferences. Dog people will gravitate to Seinfeld, SNL, and House whereas the favorites of cat people are X-Files, Big Love and Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena? Haven't head that in while. Also not to miss: a video preview of the Summer Jubilee at the Walker Art Center where the series of events includes teaching kids important life skills, like, "how to esacpe from a trunk and hot wire a car." Never a dull moment in Finds o' Friday.
July 15, 2011
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Friday Finds 7.08.11

In this edition of Friday Finds, the musical stylings of Ready 4 Airplay Vol. IV, Bobby D., a quick video tribute to the glory days of airplanes, and photography by Dutch duo Scheltens Abbenes.
July 8, 2011
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Friday Finds 7.01.11

We're back from our Friday Finds hiatus with seven great things for you to check out. Have a listen to some synth-heavy beats by German oceanographer Jürgen Müller, a look at a Dwell-favorite desert that's become the most unlikely of artistic canvases, and enjoy the Fourth of July weekend (or Canada Day as Miyoko points out).
July 1, 2011
This photo by <a href="">Michelle Wright</a> highlights the bright colors of the rides and gives a cheery impression of the place.

Friday Finds 6.17.11

Finds o' Friday delivered straight, no chaser. Scroll down for a look at retro Lego ads and an excerpt from Just Kids read by Patti Smith herself.
June 17, 2011
Caption: This giant set was created to film scenes for the 1987 movie <i>The Gate</i>

Friday Finds 6.10.11

On this Friday, catch a glimpse of what our editors have been raving about all week. The longest hug in MTV history (rumor has it they're STILL hugging), animated renditions of the best television series know to man (no bias here!), a guitarist who seeks stop "aimless knob-twiddling" (insert the obvious remark here), and a video of babies whose motions are akin to those in an inebriated state. Enjoy!
June 10, 2011
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Friday Finds 6.3.11

On this Friday, a selection of treasures mined from the deepest depths of the web: the inspiration for iPods, a reggae classic, architecture so good you could eat it, and an epic tennis match (that's happening right now!).
June 3, 2011
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Friday Finds 5.27.11

This week we've been busily (and excitedly!) prepping for Dwell on Design, which is just under one month away. Among the many events slated are our ever-popular tours of modern homes in Los Angeles, a keynote talk by Cradle to Cradle author William McDonough, and discussions with many more Dwell favorites on topics as far reaching as crafting beer to creating a kid-friendly abode. This week, we also welcomed a new addition to our magazine, designer Everett Pelayo, who shares his first Friday Find today: the lives of Quinnford and Scout.
May 27, 2011
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Friday Finds 5.20.11

Whenever I played with Lego sets, there was inevitably a missing piece. Jaime stumbled upon a shop in Santa Cruz, CA, that I wish existed when I was a youngster: a place where replacement blocks can easily be purchased. If Legos aren't your speed, check out Miyoko's find, The Burning House, a blog featuring objects people would take with them if their house was burning. The picks range from the practical (passports and spectacles) to nostalgic (a collection of vintage Oscar Wilde books) to quirky (a Bumblebee Transformer). A quick poll around the Dwell office revealed that pets would be the number one thing saved. What would you bring? Family photographs? An heirloom design object? Leave your "saves" in the comment section—we'd love to know.
May 20, 2011