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george street residence living room

Aussie Living Room We Love

A mix of warm Brazilian furniture, refined antiques, period furniture, and contemporary lighting turn this renovation project in a hip suburb of Melbourne, Australia, into a family home for the ages. Owners Lisa Gorman and Dean Angelucci converted their 1860s brick-faced stable into a relaxed but design-friendly home with the help of their friend and architect Emilio Fuscaldo. It doesn't hurt that Angelucci is a dealer in rare mid-century furniture—his eye is in display in their sitting room, an adults' retreat among the happy havoc wreaked by two young daughters.
March 29, 2013
rihn house exterior car portrait

Best Western: Our Favorite Modern Homes in Texas

In our latest regional round-up—hope you caught our posts on New England and Belgium—we turn our attentions to Texas, an outsize state with a notorious maverick streak. From an affordable clutch of row houses in Houston to a cool-kid ranch with mid-century bones, this quintet of homes proves that when it comes to modern design, you might wanna mess with Texas.
March 28, 2013
vitamin knot light

Trend Spotting: Bare Bulbs

Lately we've noticed a resurgent love affair with the lightbulb. Whether it's unique shades acting as a glowing showcase or the bare bulbs themselves, we dig this look. Here, we've pulled together nine of our current favorites that really let their light shine.
March 28, 2013
schmeil austin kitchen

A Modern Kitchen Remodel in Austin

Built in 1950, Lloyd and Kirsten Thompson's Austin house had "some inherent mid-century charm and good flow," says architect J.C. Schmeil of Merzbau Design Collective. An addition, however, had been poorly done in the 70's—it was out of level, uninspiring, and made no connection to the backyard. So the couple hired Schmeil to remodel the addition, hoping to better connect the living area to the kitchen, dining area, and lounge; and to open the lounge to the outdoors. The result is a thoroughly modern space that looks as good as it functions. Click through the slideshow to learn more. And check out's Rooms section for lots more kitchen inspiration.
March 28, 2013

Pinterest Board of the Day: Color!

From a hotel devoted to Pantone hues to a living room that resembles the inside of a whale (in a good way), our Pinterest board devoted to Color showcases exceptionally creative color use in furnishings, cabinets, walls, floors, and more. Follow us today, and enjoy a glimpse of some of our finds here!
March 28, 2013
budapest poster gallery connery

Tumblr of the Week: Budapest Poster Gallery

The first installment in our Tumblr of the Week series focuses on the site Budapest Poster Gallery, a collection ranging from politically charged propaganda to movie promotions to advertising. We've collected a few of our favorite Eastern European adaptations of Western pop culture in the following slideshow.
March 28, 2013
Architect Michael Graves by Riccardo Vecchio

7 Quotes on Living Well from Michael Graves

In preparation for Dwell on Design, we look forward to Michael Graves and the inspiration he will provide as our keynote speaker in June. Michael Graves is credited with broadening the role of the architect in society and raising public interest in good design as essential to the quality of everyday life. He has displayed his talents not only as an architect for the 20th century and beyond, but as a product designer and innovator for such well-known companies as Target, Alessi and now JCPenney. Through these rich experiences and his incredible travel history, the designer has gleaned invaluable insights into design and living. Here are just a few inspiring quotes from our latest interview.
March 28, 2013
mondrian apartment

A Mondrian-Inspired NYC Apartment

Taking cues from Piet Mondrian's iconic Broadway Boogie Woogie painting, architect and critic Joseph Giovannini recasts a New York City studio apartment.
March 28, 2013

Graphic Designer We Love: Aaron Eiland

Last week, we declared our love for TypeToy, an online reference library of all things vintage design and typography, but who's the mastermind behind it all? Why, Aaron Eiland, that's who. When not working his magic as Fossil's senior designer, Eiland designs, designs, and designs. Many a pattern, many a line, click through to see a few of his works.
March 27, 2013