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How to choose the best photographer for your wedding?

Choosing a good wedding photographer will be essential to immortalize every detail of that special day. Remember that many aspects, such as the gestures or emotions of your guests and family members, may escape your eyes during the day, but they will be recorded forever by the team of professionals who will accompany you. That is why we will give you some tips to choose the most appropriate professional.

Step 1. Define the style and budget

- Value the style of the marriage photographer.

The first thing we should do is look for a style that best fits our personality, way of being and seeing the world. In this way we will obtain the snapshots that will reflect in the best way that important day in our lives. The company Buda Blues Fontography comments that “the first thing that the couple must do is to be clear about the style they are looking for, since once they know it they will be able to search among the suppliers that work under that concept. Then they should review the portfolio of the photographer they think meets the requirements they seek and review their previous work. "

And as in all disciplines, wedding photography also has specialists who are characterized by developing certain styles, such as photojournalism, which consists of narrating a story through images, with different planes and capturing the most particular expressions. It is closely linked to artistic photography, where spontaneity takes center stage.

For their part, natural photographs require previously worked compositions, focusing on improvised gestures, while another option is traditional photographs, with classic poses and greater organization.

- The budget for the photographer.

It is important to be clear about the budget for each of the providers of your marriage. It must be clear that the photographer will be around 10%, taking into account that his work will be very hard and that his job will be to offer us the best memories of such an important day.

Step 2. The search

- Start looking long in advance.

Remember to contact your photographer as far in advance as possible, since the best professionals usually have the agenda up to a year before the wedding they will cover.

Enter the best wedding photographer northern ireland, review their works and also the related articles of the magazine. Do not forget to visit the web pages of those that interest you also to know more about their work.

- Review your previous work and ask for recommendations.

Both the cards and web pages of these professionals have many jobs of weddings, prewings and sessions behind the dress that will guide you in the most appropriate choice. Nor is it necessary to seek opinions from couples who have hired the services of said photographer.

- Create a list with your favorites.

Make a list of the ones you like most and compare their work and styles. Then start eliminating alternatives until you find the most suitable one. Remember that it is important that the photographer knows how to capture in images those gestures of love and details of complicity that are often unnoticed, but that show your feelings and those of your partner at the most opportune moment.

Step 3. Personal interview

- Schedule an interview to meet him in person.

It will be very important to assess the connection and chemistry you have with your photographer, since you will have to live with him during some long days and it is not good that they cause you discomfort; It is also good that you know their ideas and see if they are compatible with yours. Also ask them how they face each new job.

It is very important to have a personal meeting with the photographer who will be responsible for covering the incidents of your wedding, since you can ask all the essential questions and clarify any doubts you may have. The meeting will also serve to perceive if there is chemistry with him. Remember that both you and your partner will spend a lot of time with this professional, so the relationship must be trustworthy.

- Prepare a list with questions, questions and suggestions.

When choosing the professional who will take care of your shots there should be no doubt. Therefore, we recommend that you go to the appointment with all the questions that you can think of to explain how they will act at your wedding, as well as suggestions to see if they are flexible but without losing their style.

- Do you feel comfortable with the professional? Is there a feeling between you?

We only have to take into account your work, but also assess some features of your personality. They are nice? Very self-centered? Are you open to suggestions? Be clear about these questions before deciding on one or the other, since when you choose it will be in your hands to capture all your emotions. And if they really have that connection, they will know how to make the best of you and your partner. The company Speakers Films details that “you must feel trust and comfort; that's why we want the couple to feel as comfortable as possible in front of our cameras, so that the magic of love flows and we can capture it . "

Another important aspect is to review the work of the professional who will advise you. And for that, you should not only look at the 10 images in your portfolio, which will always be the best.

Step 4. The big decision making

- Do you feel identified with your photography style?

If the work they have been able to see matches what they were looking for, the road is ready for success. They will not have problems with the shots, since both will know what they want from the beginning and the work environment will be very pleasant and familiar.

- Inquire about your experience as a marriage photographer.

Find out how many weddings you have covered because it is a guarantee that your work will be optimal. However, do not leave aside the work of a photographer who has made a good impression but does not have much experience. Remember that we were all rookies once and that the impetus and desire can achieve wonderful things too.

- Ask for recommendations and references to other couples.

If you have few options to choose from, it is important that you ask for references in a more detailed way. In this way you will have the certainty that they corroborate your impressions and do not let yourself be carried away by the emotion of the moment. For the company Seven Photography and Video it is very important that they dedicate themselves to wedding photography for the illusion of capturing the best moments of this celebration, telling stories, transmitting feelings and emotions. These are unique stories with situations that will not happen again.

- What is your work team? Do you have helpers for the day of marriage?

You can find out about the equipment and implements that the professional has and thus form a clearer opinion about what your final work will be like. Remember that although artistic talent is essential, in this type of work the technology used is very influential. If you do not know much about cameras, you can inform yourself online or in consultation with other professionals.

It is also important to know details about the team of people with whom you will work, since some shots need to be produced. If this is the case, it is good to meet the assistant. Keep in mind that if the wedding is for more than 50 people, it is advisable that there are at least two photographers.

The company Universal Productions, details that “if you love what you do you will always want to know more, that's why we always stay at the forefront in terms of technology. And on the human side, our training is continuous, both locally and abroad, which allows us to be aware of the latest trends in this field worldwide.

Step 5. Conditions and contract

- What services are included in the price?

Before closing the contract, we must have everything very clear. Remember that some extras may arise that can greatly increase the initial figure and therefore it is good to know about this as soon as possible. Everything that increases the budget, both in the place of the ceremony and in the post-production room, should be detailed.

- How many hours does the contracted service include?

You should know the time they will work, as well as the price per hour or service and the time they will spend on editing the photographs. All this will influence the final price.

- How is your job on the day of marriage.

It is necessary to know how they will move around the stage, as well as if they will be handled independently or they will communicate constantly with the bride and groom and the guests for the shots. If you dedicate one part to natural photography and another to traditional photography. The idea is that everyone knows how to interact with them and how they can cope with the unexpected. Universal Productions professionals tell us that “there is always one or another problem, but we have had to learn to deal a lot with stress, and know how to solve those problems in the shortest time possible, and that is why we believe it is so important to have experience".

- Learn more about the delivery of the photographs: waiting time, format, quantity ...

It is necessary to talk about the deadlines to know when the photographs will be available. For this it is important to take into account that it is a meticulous work and that times vary according to the professional, which can range from two months to a year. On the other hand, he talks about the delivery format, the resolution, the quantity and the available copies.

- Everything must be fixed by contract.

Finally, remember that it is important that all agreements are set out in a written contract. At that time everything will be binding and you can take action in case the agreed objective is not met.


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