By Cynthia Madison -

Guide to changing your home décor – details make the difference

If you have been planning for a long period to freshen up your home, but you are not willing to make a significant financial investment for it, then we have the perfect solution for you. Start by establishing a decent budget right from the beginning and make some subtle changes that have the power to captivate the eye without overwhelming it. Even if it may sound like a cliché, details truly make a difference. Follow the tips below and you will obtain a simple, but appealing home décor.

Display your most striking pieces and store the outdated ones

You do not have to own extremely rare collectibles in order to impress; as long as you have special antiques hidden somewhere in the house, you can proudly display them in the middle of the table or on top of certain pieces of furniture, such as wooden shelves. For instance, in the kitchen you can place that precious silverware you received as a gift years ago. However, you cannot bring these items to the surface without hiding the current ones. You cannot keep them both because you will create a feeling of suffocation by interblending different styles, materials, patterns and colors. You might ask what you should do with them and we will give you the answer: rent a storage unit. This represents a fast and efficient solution. Many people in similar situations resort to public storage, whether for a short or a long period. In addition, you have the possibility to choose between basic and climate-controlled units, depending on the season and the items you plan to store.

Let your inner artist create stunning wallpaper

Start with DIY wallpaper; this will not only avoid spending money unnecessarily on a costly print, but it will also give you the opportunity to let that inner artist make his presence known. For this mission, you need basic tools, namely a stencil that will enable you to create a visually appealing pattern and paint. Speaking of paint, you have to pay close attention when picking the color. This task might take a while because you have to take into account other colors that make up the interior décor of your home. If the walls and the furniture have a light shade, you can afford to go with a bold color for the print. On the other hand, if you already have decorations with strong colors, you should stick to something simple. Remember, simple does not necessarily means boring. If you inquire about the minimalist style, you will discover that enjoys a great popularity among homeowners these days.

Replace old pillows with personality-filled ones

If you have the same outdated pillows that came with the couch, then it is time for a change. Once again, you have to consider the color of the respective couch as well as the print and material. If you are dealing with a black couch, then you can add red, which represents the accent color. However, if red does not suit your tastes, do not worry because you can also combine black with royal blue, yellow, grey and white. On the other side, if you couch has a light color, such as cream or white, then you should choose pillows with minimalist patterns. The idea is to obtain a mismatched look. Do not be afraid to fill the couch with fluffy pillows because it will make your home more inviting and give your guests a sense of comfort.

Curtain call – give a performance worthy of guests’ applause

If you live in a small house, low ceilings represent a common issue but we have an easy solution for you. If you strategically position window treatments, which have an aesthetic purpose, you will give the impression of a high ceiling. Do purchase long draperies because you want them to touch the floor slightly. Look around the room and see what feeling gives you: if the room already looks suffocating because you included many colors and patterns with the previous alterations, then you should take a break from intricate patterns and go with simple, but elegant curtains. You probably already noticed that simplicity represents the main principle that should guide you through this complex but enjoyable process.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…who is the most stylish of them all?

Do not imagine that we will advise you to damage your walls by making unnecessary holes when you can just place a big framed mirror against them. A mirror serves many purposes, apart from the most obvious ones, which is to help you decide what outfit to wear every morning, what hairstyle suits you most and what makeup complements your facial features. If the mirror has an eye-catching frame, then it instantly becomes a piece of art. Moreover, if you position it in the right angle, you will obtain the same effect with the window treatments, which is giving the illusion of a higher ceiling line. Logically, the mirror reflects light and automatically brightens the space.