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All About Styles of Patio Doors

If you recently added a patio to your home and need to find a suitable patio door, if you're just looking to have an existing patio door replaced, it's important to know the different varieties you have to choose from. Patio doors come in bi-folding and hinged varieties, and you can also choose from other design features like the type of frame and finish on the door. Here's a quick overview to help you understand the different features available for patio doors:

1. Bi-Folding or Hinged

Bi-folding and hinged patio doors are two of the most popular styles, and each comes with its own distinct features and advantages.

Bi-folding doors offer a feeling of continuity between the inside of your home and the outdoor patio. The two sides of bi-folding doors are linked using center hinges and are usually opened accordion-stye, with a track at the bottom of the doors allowing each half to move and pivot.

Hinged doors are also made primarily of two glass panels, but each half are hinged on the far sides. They can be opened either inward or outward by the center, and tend to give the patio a feeling of being separate from your home, which can create a great atmosphere for entertaining friends.

In addition, there are also sliding patio doors available, which slide along a track to open and close without the door swinging or outward. Sliding doors are ideal for patios with little room to open the doors.

2. Finishes

As with other types of doors, patio doors are available in a variety of finishes, and it's up to you to choose which finish you like best or which blends best with the style of your home. Two of the most popular finishes are PVC and aluminum. Both of these finishes are very durable and will stand up to wear from time and the elements, so which you choose is up to your aesthetic preference. Either choice will help the durability of your patio doors, so don't stress over a decision between the two.

3. Slim or Traditional Frame

One final choice you'll need to make when purchasing a patio door is whether you want a traditional or slim frame. Traditional frame doors have a significantly thicker frame, which makes them slightly more durable and can look great with larger or wider patio doors. Slim frames, as the name suggests, are thinner and designed for a sleek, minimal look that makes the transition from indoors to your patio seem seamless. If you are opting for smaller patio doors, and especially if you intend to entertain on your patio, slim-frame doors are likely the better choice; but, as with choosing a type of finish, what type of doorframe you use is largely up to your preference.

No matter what type of door you're looking for or what finish and frame you choose, Arkay Windows can help. At Arkay, you can choose from any of the different styles and finishes that were mentioned, and their experienced salespeople will help you choose the door that best fits your patio. To browse Arkay's selection of patio doors online, visit


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