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Discover a new level of inspiration in this terraced house

It is a classic Californian home which has been the residence of its owners for about twelve years before they decided to renovate it. The owners of this spectacular home are TV producers, and they worked closely with interior designer Lindy Marks to achieve the exact designs they wanted.

The primary objectives of this renovation were to improve the lighting and add more views and colors after being inspired by a visit to the home of the architect who designed the home.


The exterior parts of this property features a modern and stylish garden which is complemented by subtle stone paving. The garden gate and front door have been painted in warm colors which indicate the pallet within.


The hallway is designed to portray a monochrome scheme, which is subtle and refreshing. This design aims to give a good first impression. The interior designer, Melanie Paskin presented a beautiful table which complements the simple features we desired to portray


It has a large kitchen and a diner; there is a wall in which cristall windows have been fitted. These windows provide a view of the garden seamlessly connecting the inner areas with the exterior part of the home. I first discovered these windows while I was in Denmark and I knew I had to have them. To achieve a simple look, we chose to sue a pale looking window frame rather than the classic black. Robert, the architect, also explained that the coffers in the kitchen diner ceiling highlight the differently demarcated areas below. The clients needed a space where they could relax while working with computers and at the same time preparing meals. We didn’t want to install a sink here, and it was a good decision because we created more space.

In the Dining area

In the dining area, there is a refectory table positioned beneath the roof lantern to illuminate the cedar wood and cast a wave on the velvet chairs. The classy wall gallery is specially adorned with non-reflective glass, the drawing used is a combination of my parent's collection and my personal collection. It reminds me one of my favorite quotes “Home is not a place, it is a feeling.” The tone of the mid centry dining chairs is made prominent by the blue frames. We were delighted when the approval was given to run the windows.

Sitting room

The living room is transformed into a homely space with the jewel tones and beautiful fabrics. The attraction was enhanced by including the items which brought back childhood memories. The mother of the owners who is a doctor was very skilled with the needle in sewing, and her work was placed in many rooms which also inspired the colors of the accessories


Similar to the houses in the neighborhood, this home also featured a central staircase. Robert eliminated the dark landing by remodeling the staircase off the master bedroom. This also sorted out the positioning of the small laundry room, and it allowed the placement of a two-story window to allow more light into the home. The improved lighting is a significant achievement of this remodeling process. The wall outside the master room became a gallery of family pictures. They were strategically positioned, and one day the owners were surprised to see an old picture of me collected from my parents. It was placed by a fur-clad snow queen, a picture which was retrieved from the children’s nursery.


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