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By OscarK -

Using OSB 3 Board for flooring and interior cladding

I saw some photos on your site where you used OSB 3 Board for flooring and interior cladding. I have a project coming up with a tight budget and am curious to know how to do it.

What thickness and grade does the OSB need to have to be for the floor without a subfloor beneath with joists at 400mm centres?

Is a subfloor necessary? How would you do it with a subfloor?

Is 9mm OSB sufficient for the interior cladding? How to fix it in a way that does not undermine its structural bracing function but still keeps aesthetics to the may?

What are best ways to finish the surface of OSB when used for flooring and cladding? How to avoid risk of expansion or bubble up with moisture?

Thank you very much!

Oscar Kary from the UK


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