By Erin V. Mahoney -

The Best Places to Buy Wallpaper

In recent years, wallpaper has had a resurgence, and rightfully so. Wallpaper can bring an unexpected element to a space, be it a feature wall, powder room, or alcove. We’ve combed the internet for the best places to find modern wallpaper and coverings for your next design project.

Abnormals Anonymous: This design duo specializes in lively patterns, many of which feature exotic animals.

Aimée Wilder: This New York-based designer produces sustainably sourced, handmade wallpaper with graphic prints and earthy tones.

AllModern: An incredible resource for all things modern, this site has more than 1,000 styles to choose from.

Anthropologie: Many of their designs veer towards the romantic or whimsical, but with a modern touch.

Betapet: This Etsy shop specializes in vintage-inspired floral prints and boasts an incredibly accessible price point.

Arte: If you’re looking for something that has a bold look and feel, Arte just may have it. The Georgia-based manufacturer has a wide range of textured wall coverings.

Bien Fait: This French firm draws on inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese design to develop wallpaper that’s as beautiful as it is well-made.

Cavern: Geometric prints define the Cavern aesthetic.

CB2: The contemporary offshoot of Crate & Barrel has a limited selection, but each print is reasonably priced and available in both traditional adhesive and self-adhesive options.

Chasing Paper: A great option for high-quality, removable paper for those hesitant to make a more permanent change.

Eskayel: A small assortment of ethereal designs reminiscent of inkblots or watercolors.

Ferm Living: Neutral tones and subtle patterns make this a natural choice for an understated look.

Flavor Paper: The name suits this Brooklyn company well. Their extensive collection will likely include a few designs that suit your tastes and needs.

Graham and Brown: This company has been producing wallpaper since 1946, so it’s possible your parents or even grandparents used their designs to bring life to their homes. They’re still in the game and their offerings are endless.

Grow House Grow: Designer Katie Deedy believes your walls should tell a story, and her work certainly helps them do just that.

Hanna Werning: This site features the work of Swedish designer Hanna Werning, including several options for wallpaper tiles intended to ease installation.

Home Depot: Their selection is undoubtedly comprehensive, so we recommend having an idea of what you’re looking before taking this deep dive.

Hygge and West: This site offers a wide selection of wallpaper designed by a talented group.

I80west: The San Francisco collective features wallpaper inspired by California’s natural landscape.

Jill Malek: A beautiful site to showcase her simple, beautiful designs.

Jocelyn Warner: London-based design studio with bold, graphic prints made with the highest craftsmanship.

Kelly Wearstler: A gorgeous assortment designed in Los Angeles and produced in the United States.

Lowes: The home improvement giant offers an exhaustive selection at a range of prices.

Makelike: This Portland-based design studio excels in unique patterns that combine sophistication and playfulness.

MissPrint: A mother-daughter duo is behind this UK company producing vibrant prints.

Namarococo: These one-of-a-kind sheets are hand-painted by artist Karen Combs.

Rebecca Atwood: Delicate patterns in muted colors make this an effortless choice.

Svenskt Tenn: The Swedish interior design house still prints wallpaper inspired by the work of Josef Frank.

Walnut Wallpaper: Based in Los Angeles, this team curates a sizable collection sourced from around the world.

West Elm: The branch of Williams-Sonoma committed to modern design, accessibility, and sustainability offers graphic prints and large, abstract patterns.

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