Collection by Kelsey Keith

Your Road Trip's New Best Friend: 44-Square-Foot Prefab Trailer


A hybrid prefab trailer harnesses principles of mobility and modernist industrial design.

The jaunty boat-like shell of the Hütte Hut began with a case study undertaken by Brian and Katrina Manzo, a husband-and-wife team of industrial designers behind Sprouting Sprocket Studio. Katrina Manzo explains the pair’s 44-square-foot mobile prototype as “both reductive and luxurious.” Its automotive structure is assembled in-house from the studio’s own kit of parts, with help from CNC milling which Manzo says “marries precision and consistency with the capacity to manufacture in small volumes.” Keeping molded components to a minimum, the pair first designed a lightweight frame and then enclosed the structure with taut fabric and sheets of Jobert Okume marine plywood. The result, which will be available commercially in early 2015, is a teardrop-shaped caravan that can be towed behind a vehicle or parked in a backyard.

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